Search Engine Optimisation Fundamentals

What is search engine optimisation?

Otherwise called SEO, this process is what makes it easy for internet users to find what they are looking for on search engines like Google. Its what makes sure that, when searching for a restaurant, for example, you aren’t directed to a pet-store’s website.

SEO ensures that your website is indexed properly on search engines so that it can be put in front of the people who are searching for what your business offers.

But SEO can be a little complex, which is why most businesses prefer to let their SEO agencies handle it.

Here’s what is typically involved:

Keyword Management

Keyword management for web-content as well as in blogs and articles ensures that your website is given relevance and is put in front of the people who are searching for your offers.

Your keywords are relevant to the potential search queries that your audience uses when searching for offers or brands like yours.

If they are managed more effectively than your competitors’, viewers will likely see your website first, due to more relevance making for better rankings on search engines.

Image Tagging

Not all the content on your website is text-base, some of it will be images. Search engine crawlers that use information on your website to gauge its relevance, simply cannot see what’s going on in a picture.

So, by using targeted, descriptive, keyword-driven alt-tags that explain the image, search engines know what they are looking at, and can assign relevance to your website as a result.

Meta Descriptions

Whenever you search for something in Google, you may notice that each result has a brief description of what is on the page, just below the link.

These are meta-descriptions. They help users see whether the content on the page will be helpful, even before clicking on the link.

These meta descriptions also need to be descriptive, concise, and need to make good use of keywords.

This ensures that they tell your users what to expect, but also ensures better ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs).

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There are a few other areas of SEO, each with their own levels of complexity. Paying close attention to each one can put your website in front of the right people.

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Ideal Social Media Marketing Platforms

Let’s talk social advertising, because platforms like Facebook and Instagram are designed with digital marketers in mind.

Social media marketing is now a mainstay in the industry, with about as much promotional weight as Google themselves.

But there are an overwhelming number of these platforms, many of which are better for some marketing objectives than others.

So let’s take a look at the most popular ones. Those that are not only effective, but fairly easy to use and, of course, affordable:

Social Advertising on Facebook & Instagram

Facebook has been a giant in social media marketing for a long time now. They offer refined targeting tools, in-depth analytics and the ability to seamlessly manage multiple marketing accounts. Their pricing is competitive as well, allowing users to allocate their own budget and spread it over a period of time that they want their ads to run for.

On the organic side, Facebook can also be put to good use without spending anything. Of course, the ads will likely have far less reach than if they are boosted through payment.

Similarly, Instagram is a great tool for getting ads out to the right people. Reliant more on video and image content than Facebook, but to the same effect.

Social Advertising on LinkedIn

If Facebook and Instagram are a promotional party, LinkedIn is more of a networking event. By that mean that it is a far more professional platform than the former mentions.

It is as good as Facebook and Insta in terms of creating, sharing and boosting contacts, but operates in a more corporate climate.

Because of this, it is a particularly good platform for B2B marketing.

Social Advertising on YouTube

You can’t have a blog about social media platforms without speaking about YouTube. Technically, it is a social media platform, although it is also a search engine. This means it brings in powerful marketing tools from both worlds.

In terms of social media marketing, it is a great place to engage directly with the relevant audience with engaging and enjoyable content. This content can be shared to build brand awareness and authority.

In terms of how it works on the search engine side of things, YouTube is owned by Google, and as such, uses Google Ads as its main tool for marketing, which is one of the most powerful on the planet for targeting, reach and metrics.

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Digital Marketing With VR And AR

VR and AR are fairly new concepts. But they have been taking the entertainment, gaming and technology worlds by storm.

They have brought science fiction into our daily lives. Both are becoming more sophisticated each day.

 Adopting both creates several unique opportunities for developers and marketing campaign managers.

Here’s why:

The Difference Between VR And AR

Virtual reality is immersive. It creates an immersive digital environment by projecting visuals and sounds through a headset that blocks out the real world, allowing the user to lose themselves in the digital one.

Augmented reality works by superimposing digitally constructed items or surroundings over the real world. This allows the two to interact with each other in surprising ways, as was seen with the Pokemon Go craze.

The Novelty of VR and AR

Since the technology is new it still has a strong sense of novelty behind it. This means that the popularity and convenience of these mediums is only expected to grow.

This creates an opportunity for marketers to use such technology to create exciting experiences for their audiences.

It can be a powerful way of driving customer interest and engagement using new and exciting mediums.

This keeps marketing and advertising fresh.

It allows your digital marketing agency to build a campaign that either makes use of VR and AR software, or gives your audience a chance to experience these new developments.

AR, VR and the Customer Experience

VR and AR give your audience an opportunity to engage with your brand, products and services immersive. Instead of drinking up content from a semi-engaged spot on their office chair, they can now become physically involved and immersed in your campaign.

This is a way of increasing their interest and engagement in your products, services, brands or events.

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Social Media Marketing 2020-2021

There is no denying the important role that social media has come to play in society and business.

This is why so many companies and digital marketing agencies around the world have been investing a lot of time, money and effort into crafting the perfect social media campaigns for platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Although, as users start to use these platforms differently, and the platforms themselves change, it is important for campaign managers to look at the trends in order to use them effectively.

Here are some trends on social media that have been developing and are not looking to slow down as the year rolls on.

Twitter for Social Media Marketing

Twitter has been on a decline for some time now, but this year it has been largely categorised by lethargy and disinterest. It is not to say that there aren’t active users, simply, that the amount of suitable users is decreasing slowly, year by year.

Instagram for Social Media Marketing

Instagram has become the go to social media for people of all ages, where photos, videos, memes and relevant news can be found and shared quickly and easily.

Due to this, the amount of users is increasing steadily, with there being enough suitable users in order to create campaigns for virtually any market out there.

Having said this,  your digital marketing agency will have to focus on targeted, and maybe niche, keywords, in order to get traffic to your site.

The Potential Of TikTok for Social Media Marketing

TikTok has become another social media app which has taken the world by storm, with more users joining by the day, in order to either consume the content on the app, or to create their own content.

Having said this, there are not a lot of businesses who have jumped onto the bandwagon, where they could be creating content which is fun and informational, increasing brand awareness, while also advertising their products or services.

There is also the possibility to post advertisements in between TikToks, which is another avenue to get your business out there and into the mainstream.

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Using SEO To Find the Right Target Audience

SEO isn’t about reaching as many people as possible. But it is about reaching the best people possible.

Even the smartest marketers know how to make the most out of their budget and efforts, and they do this by creating a campaign that targets specific individuals.

Particular products and services will be of interest to these people. They are not simply looking for something to buy, and they won’t do it just for the sake of it.

You will also find that these interest groups can easily be divided into where they live, because interest groups are often tied to levels of income.

Because of this, location based targeting is a powerful marketing tool.

Why should you do this for your campaign, and how can you go about getting it right?

We’ll show you:

Advantages of location-based SEO

  • Attract people with a genuine interest in your product or service, and you can do this based on who and where they are.
  • Optimise your keywords to streamline your budget and make it more effective.
  • Use noteworthy events in advertising and get people talking about your brand. Are there any national holidays or world events that create a need for your offers?

Getting Local SEO Right

Check your keywords as a starting point, because this is where you will work to target your best leads. By including local information, like a city name, into your keywords, you can make them target specific areas.

Platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn let you target prospective clients by moulding your campaign around your location, or theirs. Because of this, it is easier to reach the right prospective.

Using the services of an experienced digital marketing agency will ensure that localised SEO, as well as overall keyword optimisation, is done efficiently and correctly.

On top of this, you will attract more targeted clients and your website will rank higher on search engines.

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Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing Campaign

The contemporary business place puts an astounding level of importance on having an effective digital marketing campaign. Whether attracting customers through a website, app, social media campaign, or all three, the more attention that is paid to your campaign, the better the results will be.

But not everyone has the means or the knowhow to make their campaign shine out amongst those of their competitors, which is why so many businesses are opting for services offered by digital marketing agencies, and so should you.

An Agency will save You Time

Many businesses underestimate the amount of time that is needed to be invested into a digital marketing campaign for it to achieve success. It needs to be set up and consistently maintained to get the most out of your SERPS rankings, and any lapses in effort will likely result in a drop in your websites visitors.

Your company likely hasn’t got the available man-hours to ensure that this can be done correctly, which means your efforts could be wasted if you try. However, with the assistance of a digital marketing agency, you can be sure that your campaign receives the constant and professional attention it needs.

They will save You Money

Correctly allocating budgets to your campaign with regards to hosting, AdWords and content creation (amongst many other factors) is essential for running a successful campaign. You might be spending on factors that are doing nothing for your campaign, or are driving the wrong traffic to your site.

Enlisting in the experience and skillset of a digital agency will ensure that every cent of your budget is allocated correctly, ensuring that you are making something out of your costs per click and targeting efforts.

They will help you reach the Right Audience

Many amateur campaigns spend a lot of time and money on attracting as many visitors as they can, only to find that the leads generated by this are of no use to their business. Because of this, localisation is an essential part of digital campaigns, since they allow marketers to target specific audiences.

This kind of localised targeting requires experience to get right, the kind of experience that any agency worth their salt should have.

They know what’s best for your niche

Each and every business niche poses particular and unique challenges when it comes to online marketing, which means your business should take a specific approach to your digital marketing campaign. This sort of information doesn’t come easy however, which means you might be expending time and effort on schemes which won’t generate you any leads.

When dealing with a digital marketing agency, this kind of experience should be a given, especially if they can show that they have worked with your niche before.

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Getting Your Google Ads To The Right People

Managing your own online marketing campaign can be a complicated affair, especially as far as your Google Ads campaigns are concerned.

Getting the right message out to the right people, using the right advertisements will ensure that your campaign is a success.

Right place, right time and right price are all factors to consider when starting to design and implement your advertising campaign.

To help you get this right with your campaign, here is a little bit of information surrounding what determines the quality, success and placement of an ad when it is shown on the Google Advertising Network.

Where your ads are placed has a major impact on their ability to generate high quality leads, as well as creating brand awareness.

This ensures that your brand is getting out there, getting noticed, and your website is getting the necessary traffic to provide you with potential customers.

Here are a few of the places that your ad can appear:

Search Results

Using the Google Search Network to match your chosen keywords with search queries posed by potential leads allows you to fly a simple text based ad to customers.

These are the individuals who are searching for your product or service and by displaying an ad alongside their search results with a headline, description, a display URL or contact information, you are providing them with what they were looking for.

As Display Ads

The Google Display Network allows you to fly ads that are interactive, made up of images, text and video to create brand awareness.

What these ads do is offer information, which is displayed on various websites, providing relevant information to the consumer, based on what they searched for.

This means that your ad will be shown to an audience that is already showing an active interest in what you are advertising.

Mobile Phones

Those campaigns that make use of the Search and Display Network can have their ads displayed on mobile websites as well as apps, and since the number of people searching for products and services on their mobile devices increases by the day, many businesses are seeing advantages to displaying and optimising their ads for mobile use.

Targeted Audiences

One of the greatest challenges to any marketing campaign concerns ensuring that your message reaches the right audience.

With the Google Advertising Network, particularly with the used of Display, you have full control over who gets to see your ad, by targeting specific demographics such as geographic location, age, browsing habits, race, gender and individual interests.

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Google Ads & Your Business

The Google Advertising Network generates leads for business.

Google Ads includes:

  • The Search Network;
  • The Display Network.

These features are used either together or by themselves, and drive high quality leads to your business.

This makes showing ads to people in different formats possible, but only to those people who are actively searching for what you offer.

Why Would you Want to Use the Google Advertising Network?

  • The Google Advertising Network allows greater control over your marketing budget.
  • It is your choice whether to pay per click, day or month; and there is no minimum cost required.
  • The Google Advertising Network also allows you to measure the successes and shortfalls of your campaign with metrics on useful interactions, shopping and browsing habits as well as the cost of each lead.
  • You can make adjustments to your campaign to eliminate weak areas and to boost strong ones.
  • The Google Advertising Network also gives you greater control over who gets to see your ads. This means that you will only be spending your budget on those clicks that generate quality leads.

How Does Google Ads Work?

The Search Network works by matching the keywords you bid for, with the search queries of those looking for your service or product.

This means that you will reach those who are most likely to use your business, rather than just a general population who may, or may not, need what you are offering.

Google Ads works by displaying a simple, word-based advert, next to their search results. This will either provide information or takes them to a landing page.

The Display Network uses rich media ads created by you on mobile apps on Google sites as well as partner sites that have similar content to your ad. It makes use of appealing ad formats to build brand loyalty and engagement.

This provides you with more specific choices regarding the placement and format of your ad.

The Search Network with Display select allows you to spread your marketing budget over both of these platforms, making it suitable for new businesses, or those with extensive advertising budgets.

If it is conducted correctly, it can be incredibly beneficial to your marketing campaign.

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Do Google Ads with a Premier Partner

Being a Google Premier Partner marks an agency out as a master of Google Ads and pay-per-click advertising. But it also affords the agency, and their clients, a handful of perks.

Here’s what you can expect when working with a marketing agency that is a Google Premier Badge Partner:

Work with Certified Analysts and Account Managers

The campaign managers running your account all have Google Ads certifications. These certifications are always current and it means that Google standards for account management and best practices are always kept.

Have Access to Masters of Google Ads Features

Certified campaign managers are all well-versed in all the features of Google Ads and they will use them in a way that is profitable to your business.

Get a Leg up on the Competition with Beta Features

Premier Partners also have access to Google’s beta features which means that we are already trying and testing new features before your competition even knows about it. This in itself it’s a huge competitive advantage.

Avoid Waiting in Line

Premier Partners get exclusive support from Google. We have a specific account manager at Google’s head office in Ireland who will deal with issues quickly and efficiently. Google Ads accounts can take days to get back up and running if they shut down for whatever reason, but using an agency like ours will ensure that the matter is dealt with immediately.

Keep up with Google Ads Best Practices

For us to maintain our Google Premier Partner status, our team members need to constantly take certification exams for all things Google, from mobile to search and video. We also attend training sessions which keep us up to date with PPC strategies as they improve.

Right Click Media possess the knowledge as well as the tools to grow your business. Give us a call today!


Online Marketing: Will it Benefit You?

With offline marketing, you will only know whether it worked once the campaign is completed. With online marketing, you are able to view the results in real time and will be able to make adjustments to the campaign from the beginning all the way to the end.

This is one of the main benefits of marketing online. But it is by no means the only one.

There are plenty of ways to market, with some being more effective than others. Digital, however, is no longer seen as a competitive advantage, but rather an absolute necessity.

Online Marketing Improves Leads

Businesses of all types and sizes depend on leads for growth, as well as survival. While going out and finding them is essential for most businesses, there is a lot to be said for an approach to advertising, that brings leads to you.

Advertising on Google Ads, even on social media, will bring your leads to you. This is because you can target the exact type of people who are interested in brands similar to yours. You can also put ads and your website in front of people, who are actually searching for what you offer.

Almost every area of digital marketing works to build the quality and quantity of leads.

Brand Building through Digital Marketing

Online marketing is brilliant for building brands. Especially with platforms like Google Ads’ Display and Search networks.

These get your brand, website and offers in front of people who are already searching for what you do. For what you have.

Even if they don’t buy right away, they will remember your name when they are ready to; if you get it right.

Digital Marketing is Accessible

When looking at the points mentioned above, you might think that this kind of advertising is too expensive for small, or even medium businesses.

Fortunately, like everything else on the internet, online marketing makes advertising affordable and accessible to everyone.

This makes it advantageous to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Online Marketing with Right Click  Media

The best approach to online marketing, is to have an agency walk beside you through it. If you can work with a Google Premier Partner, all the better.

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