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The Power of YouTube Marketing: Industry by Industry

With so much attention being paid to innovative ways to reach your target audience, digital marketing platforms across the board have been welcomed by businesses of all sizes. This is especially the case in the uncertain and unprecedented socio-economic climate of 2020. YouTube advertising has been filling this gap like a glove.

Video marketing, like that done on YouTube, is thus paving the way for many businesses to reach their prospective customers with messages that matter to them. This is mostly thanks to refined audience targeting tools and the sheer popularity of online video.

Video marketing has exploded across several industries and those businesses that use it are reaping exceptional results.

So, to help you get a piece of that social-media pie, here are the specifics about how each industry performs when it comes to YouTube marketing.

YouTube Advertising for Travel & Hospitality

Travel vlogs are some of the most consumed items of content on YouTube. They are interesting, informative, and inspire a sense of adventure in their users.

Each month, travel vlogs attract around 100 million unique users on YouTube, with a demographic that spans in equal measure around the globe.

If you run a tourism or travel agency, or if you are involved in the field of hospitality, YouTube is a powerful tool to market through.

YouTube Marketing for The Entertainment Industry

Almost all fields of entertainment can benefit greatly using YouTube marketing, being as the platform is already so closely aligned (audibly and visually) with the industry itself.

Everything from movie trailers to live gigs, performance-arts, clubs and pubs can leverage YouTube to create excitement and interest around their intellectual properties, with an average view-rate of about 44% on videos covering this industry.

YouTube Advertising for Health & Fitness

Health and fitness videos are widely consumed on YouTube. They can be instructional, promotional, can be reviews or simply a means for inspiration; either way, they will likely appeal to a wide audience.

These types of videos have seen the industry enjoy an average view-rate of around50.51%

YouTube Marketing for DIY, Home & Garden

Much like the abovementioned note on fitness and health, the garden, home and DIY industries can also use YouTube for instructional and inspirational videos that channel viewers towards buying products and services related to DIY, renovations, landscaping and the like.

Industry specific videos on YouTube generally enjoy a view rate of about 41%, and even when those don’t result in a sale, they are exceptionally good at building a brand.

YouTube Marketing for Electronics & IT

There is so much content on YouTube directly related to electronics, computers, gaming, software, networking, and the like.

These videos answer pertinent questions, help consumers solve specific problems, promote the latest in cutting-edge technology and functionality, can be demonstrative, can instruct users as to how to operate and care for electronics, can review products, and so much more.

With an average view rate of around 40%, it is easy to see why YouTube is so widely and successfully used in this industry.

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Just about every industry can create content that is in demand on YouTube right now, and that content will serve brilliantly for your marketing purposes if handled correctly.

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