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While website design and development work in tandem with one another, they take place in separate fields, and each is an essential part of what makes a great website great.

The design side of website creation concerns itself with what kind of experience your visitors get when they land on your site.

Is it striking? How memorable is it? Can your visitors find what they are looking for easily? Does your website make your visitors want to stay, or find what they need on your competitors’ sites?

All these questions are answered by website design, a service that makes sure that your cleverly developed website, looks and feels great too.

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Right Click Media ensures that every element of your brand is reflected and is situated perfectly in the design of your website

We start by establishing what look and feel you want your website to be, by doing research into your existing corporate identity and logo (if your business doesn’t have one yet, speak to us about sorting that out for you too). We also establish what works for your customers. What are they looking for? What elements in your website keep them engaged? 

We look for innovative ways to make your website stand out against your competitors, and we make sure that each and every element present in the overall design, is something that not only compliments your business, but you as well. 

You can work closely with us or leave us to our creative freedom. Whichever approach you decide to take, we will make sure that it is exactly what you were looking for, and that your website is up and running, and converting customers, in a timely manner.


Make your first impression count by putting your best foot forward

A potential customer will form their opinion of you within seconds of seeing your website.

Show, don’t tell

If you take the approach of ‘attention to detail’ and you want to show your clients that you mean what you say, a beautifully designed website gets that message across more effectively than saying it.

A Better Experience = Improved Conversions

Your visitors are far more likely to convert if your website offers them a pleasant experience. If your website is poorly designed, boring too look at or frustrating to navigate, your competitors with well-designed websites will snap them up instead.

Improve your Search Engine Optimisation

A well-designed website will keep your users engaged, and this will reflect positively on your SEO score. This will help your website rank better on search engines like Google.

Make a name for yourself

A well-designed website will make your brand instantly recognisable since it should follow the core elements of your own corporate identity. This kind of brand building is invaluable to businesses of all sizes.