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Email Signature Marketing

Even the best marketing campaigns could benefit from a miracle. A solution that gets you marketing to the right people, at the right time and in the right place. Email Signature Marketing offers a customisable approach to email and SMS marketing that works like magic.

But what is Email Signature Marketing? And why should your business care?

Email Signature Marketing allows you to bolster your multi-channel marketing campaigns with customisable bulk email and genius SMS marketing campaigns. It allows your business to reach customers where they are, when it counts.

Email Signature Marketing takes advantage of the fact that 90% of people own and use mobile phones. It takes email and SMS marketing to new, creative heights, in the following ways:

Run Bulk Email Marketing Campaigns

Take advantage of the economy of scale with our specially designed bulk email marketing services. Email Signature Marketing allows your business to conduct medium to small bulk email campaigns that reach 5001 people and allows businesses to scale up to campaigns with a reach of over 1000001.

Orchestrate Bulk SMS Marketing Campaigns

Reach your potential customers where they are with bulk SMS marketing campaigns. Email Signature Marketing offers bulk SMS marketing campaigns that can provide a reach as low as 5001 sent texts, that can be scaled up to send over 500001 messages out to potential clients.

Genius SMS Campaigns

Add a little personality and functionality to your existing SMS campaigns with Genius SMS from Email Signature Marketing!

Genius SMS campaigns go above and beyond regular ones by maximising interaction with your brand, via SMS. A landing-page link is delivered to your audience via SMS, which directs them to more content. This could be your website, interactive ads, location pins, social media pages and more!

Simply put: It’s genius!


Customisable Email Signatures

Email Signature Marketing offers customisable and scaleable email signature marketing packages that are designed to glean more interaction from your email campaigns.

We offer packages catering for most major email service providers that offer monthly licenced email banners, across multiple departments.

These can be animated, interactive, topical, customisable and include unlimited text changes to signatures.



Make Magic Happen Today

Looking for further details on how Email Signature Marketing can help elevate your approaches to marketing? Speak to one of our representatives today or request a quote!


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