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While website development and website design work in tandem with one another, they take place in separate fields, and each is an essential part of what makes a great website great. Web development concerns itself with how your website works, what functions it offers your visitors to enrich their experience.

It differs from design, since design is concerned with how your website looks and feels, while website development is more worried about how your website acts.

This area focuses on how the site is navigated, which needs to be intuitive for users. It focuses on how web-friendly the site is, how fast it loads, how it is interacted with and much, much more.

A well-developed website will make all these elements work cohesively together.

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Right Click Media takes a holistic approach to development that sees to every area of functionality and experience. We work with your objectives in mind from the very beginning, to ensure that every function and element of your site works towards meeting those objectives.

We make sure that our web development company meets your needs and specifications, while also ensuring that your users have memorable and pleasant experience while browsing your site. To do this we pay particular attention to ease of navigation, visual design, the layout and creation of web content, making your site responsive across multiple devices, making it interactive and intuitive, and of course, being sure that your branding is clearly communicated to your potential customers. When we put all these elements together, we create websites that result in conversions. Turning your visitors into customers.


Give Your Visitors the Experience you Want them to Have

The more pleasant the experience offered to your visitors, the more likely they are to take the actions you want them to and convert into customers. A good experience makes for great customers. A bad online experience also makes for good customers, but only for your competitors.

Set Your Credibility

Your website says a lot about your credibility (just as your business card would). If your potential clients are impressed with the functionality of your website, they will be more likely to find your business credible. Let them land on what that is barely functional, however, and they will likely move on.

A Website that Works all the Time

Your website should be one of your primary lead generators. If it is working well, it is essentially making you money. If it is badly built and barely functional, it is costing you both money and your reputation. A well-developed site will function as it should all the time, while a badly built one will result in downtime and complications.

Customising Your Website

Drag-and-drop website builders look appealing, simple to use and powerful, but they are templated and severely limited. While you can build one of these yourself, your site will likely blend in with a sea of other templates. Have one specifically built for your business, however, and it will stand out. So will your business. Contact Right Click Media today to speak to one of our representatives or request a quote for website development and design services.