5 Reasons Why Google Ads are Important to YOUR Business

Google Ads is an essential part of any business, no matter the size.

Here are 5 reasons why your business needs to make the most of it, right now:

1.      Building Brand Awareness with Google Ads

Brand awareness is an important objective for any marketing campaign, and pay-per-click advertising does it beautifully.

By being able to fully control both the reach and the type of people who see your ads, this platform gives you full control of who sees your brand.

It also helps get your ads in front of people who are searching for products, services and brands that are like yours; giving you a better chance of making yourself known to the people who matter.

2.      Marketing for Remarketing with Google Ads

The Google Advertising Network gives you a powerful way to reconnect with those people who have visited your site but didn’t convert.

Remarketing is an important part of the sales funnel for many of your consumers, and Google gives you a means to get back to those people who have gone silent after showing an interest in your brand.

3.      Measure your Campaign’s Performance

Google Ads offers the mother of all metrics tools, and marketers praise them more highly than gold. These tools are remarkably in-depth and can be used to measure each detail of your campaign.

This allows you to see which areas are performing optimally, and which ones require your attention. It also allows you to focus your attention in those areas where your campaign gets the best responses.

4.      Find an Actively Interested Audience

Google Ads is exceptional when it comes to putting your ads in front of the right people. Traditional marketing casts as wide a net as possible to get a relatively small catch.

With Google Ads, however, your ads are shown to people who are already searching for your offers, and so they will be more likely to convert.

5.      Control Your Spend with Google Ads

Google Ads gives you exceptional control over the cost of running ads thanks to its bidding functionality. This way you won’t be competing for advertising space against companies with a budget that outstrips yours.

Even when paying a minimal amount, you can still see good returns on your advertising.

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There is a lot to be considered when using Google Ads for advertising online, and it can take time and money to figure it out.

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Google Ads & Your Business

The Google Advertising Network generates leads for business.

Google Ads includes:

  • The Search Network;
  • The Display Network.

These features are used either together or by themselves, and drive high quality leads to your business.

This makes showing ads to people in different formats possible, but only to those people who are actively searching for what you offer.

Why Would you Want to Use the Google Advertising Network?

  • The Google Advertising Network allows greater control over your marketing budget.
  • It is your choice whether to pay per click, day or month; and there is no minimum cost required.
  • The Google Advertising Network also allows you to measure the successes and shortfalls of your campaign with metrics on useful interactions, shopping and browsing habits as well as the cost of each lead.
  • You can make adjustments to your campaign to eliminate weak areas and to boost strong ones.
  • The Google Advertising Network also gives you greater control over who gets to see your ads. This means that you will only be spending your budget on those clicks that generate quality leads.

How Does Google Ads Work?

The Search Network works by matching the keywords you bid for, with the search queries of those looking for your service or product.

This means that you will reach those who are most likely to use your business, rather than just a general population who may, or may not, need what you are offering.

Google Ads works by displaying a simple, word-based advert, next to their search results. This will either provide information or takes them to a landing page.

The Display Network uses rich media ads created by you on mobile apps on Google sites as well as partner sites that have similar content to your ad. It makes use of appealing ad formats to build brand loyalty and engagement.

This provides you with more specific choices regarding the placement and format of your ad.

The Search Network with Display select allows you to spread your marketing budget over both of these platforms, making it suitable for new businesses, or those with extensive advertising budgets.

If it is conducted correctly, it can be incredibly beneficial to your marketing campaign.

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Do Google Ads with a Premier Partner

Being a Google Premier Partner marks an agency out as a master of Google Ads and pay-per-click advertising. But it also affords the agency, and their clients, a handful of perks.

Here’s what you can expect when working with a marketing agency that is a Google Premier Badge Partner:

Work with Certified Analysts and Account Managers

The campaign managers running your account all have Google Ads certifications. These certifications are always current and it means that Google standards for account management and best practices are always kept.

Have Access to Masters of Google Ads Features

Certified campaign managers are all well-versed in all the features of Google Ads and they will use them in a way that is profitable to your business.

Get a Leg up on the Competition with Beta Features

Premier Partners also have access to Google’s beta features which means that we are already trying and testing new features before your competition even knows about it. This in itself it’s a huge competitive advantage.

Avoid Waiting in Line

Premier Partners get exclusive support from Google. We have a specific account manager at Google’s head office in Ireland who will deal with issues quickly and efficiently. Google Ads accounts can take days to get back up and running if they shut down for whatever reason, but using an agency like ours will ensure that the matter is dealt with immediately.

Keep up with Google Ads Best Practices

For us to maintain our Google Premier Partner status, our team members need to constantly take certification exams for all things Google, from mobile to search and video. We also attend training sessions which keep us up to date with PPC strategies as they improve.

Right Click Media possess the knowledge as well as the tools to grow your business. Give us a call today!