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The How and Why of Keyword Research

Conducting thorough and meaningful keyword research is an integral part of all of your SEO efforts. In order to drive the right kind of visitors to your website, you need to know exactly what they are searching for.

Of course, this isn’t exactly a revelation in the online marketing word, most digital agencies and even amateur SEO practitioners know the importance of keyword research. But it is surprising to find how many of them haven’t seen exactly how advantageous keyword research can be.

Is keyword research essential?

There are a few obvious reasons why finding the right keywords to leverage can be advantageous to your campaign, or to that of your clients. Simply put, you need to find a way of connecting with your target audience through their online search queries. But beyond that, there are a great many advantages to making keyword research a priority for your marketing campaign:

  • It allows you to leverage content while smoothing out your SEO campaigns in a manner that is driven by data and goals.
  • It provides information on what prospective customers are looking for, which allows you to direct your marketing efforts accordingly.
  • It makes gaps in the market known to market researchers, since they can see which queries are not adequately answered by already available content, whether it has been published by an agency, client or even competition.
  • It helps you determine what type of questions, issues and misunderstandings your target audience has with your product, service, brand or content, allowing you to address them accordingly.

These are but a few of the advantages associated with thorough keyword research, and with a little thought you could probably think up quite a few more. So, let’s move on to a few simple tactics you can use to make keyword research easy.

Searching for keywords in Google

This is a fairly simple, quick to do, and common means of gathering information on which keywords you should leverage. Enter in a single keyword on Google (without pressing enter) to see which results show up in the autocorrect form.

Scour your competitors

Take a look at your most successful competitors’ websites and try and determine which of the keywords they have been making use of, are showing up commonly between them. This will give you a good idea of why they are getting all the action, and you are not.

Use your on-site search queries

You on-site search database isn’t just there to help answer your clients’ questions, it is also there to provide you with information on what kinds of questions they are asking. You can use this to determine which topics or keywords are being searched for most frequently on your website, so that you can make good use of them.

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