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Google Ads & Your Business

The Google Advertising Network generates leads for business.

Google Ads includes:

  • The Search Network;
  • The Display Network.

These features are used either together or by themselves, and drive high quality leads to your business.

This makes showing ads to people in different formats possible, but only to those people who are actively searching for what you offer.

Why Would you Want to Use the Google Advertising Network?

  • The Google Advertising Network allows greater control over your marketing budget.
  • It is your choice whether to pay per click, day or month; and there is no minimum cost required.
  • The Google Advertising Network also allows you to measure the successes and shortfalls of your campaign with metrics on useful interactions, shopping and browsing habits as well as the cost of each lead.
  • You can make adjustments to your campaign to eliminate weak areas and to boost strong ones.
  • The Google Advertising Network also gives you greater control over who gets to see your ads. This means that you will only be spending your budget on those clicks that generate quality leads.

How Does Google Ads Work?

The Search Network works by matching the keywords you bid for, with the search queries of those looking for your service or product.

This means that you will reach those who are most likely to use your business, rather than just a general population who may, or may not, need what you are offering.

Google Ads works by displaying a simple, word-based advert, next to their search results. This will either provide information or takes them to a landing page.

The Display Network uses rich media ads created by you on mobile apps on Google sites as well as partner sites that have similar content to your ad. It makes use of appealing ad formats to build brand loyalty and engagement.

This provides you with more specific choices regarding the placement and format of your ad.

The Search Network with Display select allows you to spread your marketing budget over both of these platforms, making it suitable for new businesses, or those with extensive advertising budgets.

If it is conducted correctly, it can be incredibly beneficial to your marketing campaign.

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