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What is Meant by ‘Content is King’?

Say the words ‘content is king’ to any digital marketing campaign manager and you are likely to get a sigh as a response. It is an old saying, usually an absent-minded soliloquy that all marketing professionals know, and it represents one of the most difficult creative tasks for all campaign managers: that of coming us with consistent, new, interesting and relevant articles, blogs, news-posts or informative passages on their websites.

Anyone who has ever sat in front of a blank word document will know how difficult this can be; throw in the careful use of keywords and negative keywords, and this conundrum only becomes more challenging.

Though the savvy marketer knows how effective the correct employment of content can be for a campaign, so to give you a similar understanding, here are a few crucial reasons why (and I do dislike the triteness of the saying) content is king.

Search engine optimisation for organic rankings and authority

Paying attention to the creation of quality blogs on your site is a great way to make use of keywords that are intended to boost the organic rankings of your website; it is so effective that it is widely regarded as a crucial part of SEO.

On the other hand, consistent content also allows you to build up a repertoire of backlinks which gives your site authority in your industry, further boosting SEO results and exposing your brand to a wider (or more specific) target audience.

Fostering customer engagement

If you create genuinely interesting and unique content that is written to be read (and not simply for SEO purposes) you are encouraging your consumers to engage more fully with your brand.

There is a lot of content available on the web, and the vast majority of it is poorly duplicated from others, is riddled with errors or is downright boring to get through; while these campaigns might serve the purposes of SERPs, they will likely not actually attract any customers, and could end up in a high bounce-rate as users briskly exit your website out of boredom.

Genuinely engaging and interesting content, on the other hand, will be shared, spoken about and will go a long way towards converting potential customers.

Content adds value to your brand

By producing customers that adds value to the daily lives of consumers through tips, advice or useful information will effectively strengthen your brand by adding value to it. Users will associate your image, service or product with the means to enrich their lives or to make them easier, painting your campaign in a very good light.

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