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What are SMS and Email Campaigns?

The future of marketing is of course digital marketing. Digital marketing is any form of marketing that is not printed, shown on TV or played on the radio. Digital marketing allows you to reach your target market directly via many forms of media.

Two of these media are text messages (SMS) and email. The names SMS marketing and email marketing pretty much explain themselves. SMS marketing is an SMS that will contain information about a brand, company or promotion. As annoying as these SMS’s can be, if you reach the right person with the right message, they are likely to opt in for more information or even purchase whatever it is you are offering. These text messages need to be short and to the point so that the reader doesn’t lose interest. Email marketing can be a bit more detailed because you are able to send a banner with images, information and all kinds of things, allowing consumers to be as informed as possible. Links to your website will also be included so people can make a purchase or view your gallery or simply receive more information. It is important for consumers to make informed decisions.

Email and SMS campaigns are like only seeing the adverts that are relevant to you on TV or hearing them on the radio. It is the perfect marketing technique, especially when people sign up for these emails or SMS’s because that means they are already interested in what you have to offer.

Of course, for you to have an SMS or email campaign, you will have to have the cell phone numbers or email addresses of the people you wish to send your message to. The easiest to collect this data is to run a competition of some kind. If you ran this competition at a busy shopping mall or sports event, you are likely to get a couple thousand entries which means you can reach a couple thousand people directly with your message.

SMS and email campaigns have proved to be one of the most effective forms of digital marketing today and they are used by many corporate giants as well as SME’s.

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