An Apt Time to Opt for Apps: Marketing for Mobile

It has been reported that 52.2% of all website traffic globally was engendered by mobile phones in 2018, and as per Statista’s predictions, by 2021 we can expect approximately a sevenfold increase in mobile data traffic. When it comes to your business, it makes sense that mobile marketing campaigns and the use of mobile applications should be at the forefront of your marketing strategy.

Not Sure About Mobile Marketing Campaigns or Related Apps?

Ever heard of McDonalds? Lancôme? Starbucks? What about Intel? Of course you have – they’re all major brands that understand the importance of and utilize mobile marketing strategies and various mobile applications.

The Perfect Arrow for Your Target Market

The very basics of marketing require the identification of your target market and the most streamlined, efficient ways of reaching them. If over half of website traffic worldwide can be attributed to mobile phones, then a mobile ad campaign or an integrated mobile app hits your target every time purely by the nature of its definition – time to find an app development company!

Getting Your Business Out There

This may be why the titans of search engine and social media platforms – Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, have all actively developed their advertising spaces in order to accommodate the revolutionary world of mobile marketing. In fact, having a mobile-friendly website is one of the minimum requirements for your company to even feature on one these platforms. Having mobile applications and mobile marketing campaigns for your business ensures even better SEO opportunities.

Small Business Owner?

Your business goals are likely to be aligned with increasing profit in the most cost-effective ways. Incorporating these two factors whilst ensuring high-impact results will require professional and skillful intervention to turn your small business into a greater business.

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