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Tips to Recharge Your Remarketing

Below are a few tips that could help give your remarketing that boost it needs.

Page tagging – The most common types of remarketing ads are search, display, social media and email.

Firstly, you should determine your demographic’s purchasing habits, considering their gender and age. This is extremely important to keep your ads specific to the user and highly relevant.

You can better this by targeting users based on the pages that they visit. For example: if users show interest by visiting the landing page of your website once, you might want to consider re-emphasising exactly how your product could solve their problem. This way you could be gaining a loyal customer and a higher cost sale.

Balancing the frequency of your ad – Technically you are able to set up an impressions or frequency cap, which is going to allow you to target your users as much or as little as the strategy you are using requires.

If you are developing leads and relationships, then you may want to tone down the frequency with some reminders to keep them longer term.

Offer them incentives – By repeating the exact same ad it is naturally going to agitate the consumer, so try not to fatigue your audience with the same message and design for the whole duration. Change up your incentive and try to push the offer further.

Analysis & benchmarking – Make use of search funnels. On average, a website conversion rate is a bit more than 2%, yet only 61% of companies will do less than 5 tests every month when it comes to focusing on the conversion optimization.

By taking the time to run and test your experiments, it will give you a better depth of understanding as to where your users are dropping off and also how you could combat these issues.

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