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The Top 5 Benefits of SEO.

Right Click Media

SEO stands for search engine optimisation and its function is to optimise your website for search engines such that when people search for your product or service online, your website will be near the top of the search results. It does this by using keywords.

Increased Traffic – If your company appears near the top on the search engine results page you will receive the majority of impressions and clicks and you will increase your overall traffic for your website. SEO is also designed to create informative title tags with relevant keywords that will show up in the results page. Increases in the click through rate will result in more qualified leads.

ROI – SEO will provide your company with trackable results regardless if you are an online store or not. Digital marketing agencies such as Right Click Media are able to track every aspect of the SEO strategy such as increases in traffic, ranking and conversions. The analytics are able to provide information on demographics and other metrics for people who have interacted with your site. For an online store, they can track the exact path that was take to complete a sale.

Cost effectiveness – SEO is very cost effective because it will target users who are actually looking for your product or service online. SEO is an inbound strategy and it allows companies to stop or decrease their outbound activities such as cold calling. Cold calling can be effective but it is far more expensive than SEO. Because SEO attracts people who are already looking for your product, it makes the leads far more qualified.

Increased site usability –Websites need to be simple to navigate through in order to keep people on your site. SEO assists with making your site simple to navigate through and also makes it easier to find information on it. This makes it easier for search engines to find your website and find specific pages on it.

Brand Awareness – If your website comes up near the top of google, people already think that your company is the best at what they do which results in great exposure for your brand. The more often your brand ranks first, the more people who are looking for your products will see it and associate with your brand.

Right Click Media are experts in SEO and our committed team will ensure that your business generates more reliable leads and that your website will be much easier to find when using search engines.