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The Ideal Platforms for Seasonal Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has become an essential part of the advertising task for most businesses out there, with each one taking a unique approach and using their own mix of channels to achieve the right audiences at the right times. Many of these businesses rely on seasonal activities to pique the interests of their potential customers through events and promotions. Summer sales, Spring giveaways and Winter challenges are but a few of these approaches; all of which should be portrayed through the correct mediums to achieve their maximum effect. So, if you are due a little seasonal advertising, here are some of the platforms which will give you the best foundation to do so.

Marketing through Facebook

Seasonal events often fall squarely in the social sphere. Therefore, social media platforms such as Facebook are generally a good starting point for seasonal campaigns. Facebook is great for sharing content, promoting events and creating an environment of two-way communication between you and your target audience; while also serving as a bulletin board, discussion forum and public-space to showcase customer reviews. This makes it a wholly useful medium for seasonal digital marketing.

Showcase your brand through Instagram

Instagram is a popular choice for platforms that allow for the sharing of images and content, which makes it the ideal medium for marketers looking to run seasonal campaigns. The platform can be used to showcase events, communicate new products and promotions, or can simply be used to communicate your brand’s identity with your audience. By having prospective customers interact with your Instagram campaign, they will spread your message through word of mouth (so to speak), which will go a long way towards strengthening the presence of your brand.

Engage your audience through YouTube

YouTube is growing in popularity by the minute, so much so that television is arguably in trouble of becoming redundant. Seasonal advertisers can find many advantages to this medium, including the ability to target users who would be most likely to take an interest in your brand, while providing quantifiable metrics on your campaign’s effectiveness.

Content on your own website

Regardless of how many other platforms you make use of, your own website is the most important; seasonal or not. Conversions from your other campaigns will likely happen after being redirected to your site, which means that your site needs to be in top condition, responsive, and informative at all times.

Where seasonal advertising is concerned, you need to churn out relevant content for your website to keep your audience interested in your campaign, while ensuring that your SEO is in order. Before starting a seasonal promotion, it would therefore be beneficial to your campaign if you audit your site, its keywords and content before launching your campaign.

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