A Logo for a Legacy

Our digital  marketing agency understands that pictures and symbols have always been important to mankind.

They help us learn. They teach us to associate things with each other.

A logo for your business, tells is the symbol of your company. It communicates its values and the direction of its future.

Here’s why you need to ensure that the right amount of thought has been put into its creation.

Courtesy of our full service agency:

Logos Create Sensory Responses

When you think of a company like Coca-Cola you immediately see the red and white in their logo. At that point you remember the taste and feel of their product, perhaps even a fond memory.

The experience is immersive. A highly effective marketing tool largely inspired by their logo.

There is no reason why a carefully crafted logo for your business couldn’t do the same.

Logos Provide Exposure

Logos streamline exposure to your business.

They are the first essential component for marketing. They are far more accessible and effective than lofty and lengthy descriptions of a business.

Logos are visually engaging; they are stimulating.

In a society driven by instant gratification, a logo that can communicate all of this in an instant, is invaluable.

Becoming Iconic with a Digital Agency

Without building the customer satisfaction to back it, a logo is an empty representation. Worse still, it can have negative associations with the brand it represents.

A business that offers exceptional services or products, but is unidentifiable, has no way of letting their reputation speak for themselves.

A good, recognisable logo carries the promise of consistency.

This is essential for attracting, landing and retaining clientele who can be built to be loyal to your brand.

Companies and their logos become iconic and create legacies largely due to engaging, simple and memorable design, coupled with the positive associations that consumers give to that logo.

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If you’re building your brand and its reputation, having a logo to effectively represent everything that you are building is a step in the right direction.

Why not work with a digital marketing agency to ensure you get it right?

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Know Your Target Audience: iGens

Change is not only unavoidable; it is often actually good. As old ways of doing things give way to the new, so too must our businesses change the way that we see our customers. We have to investigate our target audience.

We have seen many shifts over the past few years in the types of clients that businesses need to market to in order to stay competitive.

First the millennials came along with their stereotypical love of avocado on toast and transparency.

As soon as businesses got used to their way of doing things, so enters the iGen.

An entire generation of technologically inclined smart-shoppers with a pride for their individuality and anxiety for the environment.

At least that’s what the profiling says.

Let’s explore this newly developed demographic here:

Your Target Audience are Information Processors

The iGen have grown up around digital media and are more accustomed to consuming and analysing content.

This makes them masterful information processors, able to find the devil in the details.

It also means that marketing campaigns focused on them need to pay attention to delivering engaging, interesting and data driven.

Growing up around waves of mounting content to be consumed, the average iGen has a shorter span of attention, but can work with more information at once than other demographics.

Your Target Audience is a Jack-of-All-Trades

Having grown up engaging simultaneously with various platforms, screens and projects, they are able to concentrate in the face of multiple distractions, or rather, it has afforded them better multi-tasking skills than other generations.

By comparison, millennials are more easily side-tracked and so need to focus on a task at a time.

This means that compared to millennials, that iGens bring with them a higher demand for content to be consumed during the sales funnel for any business that markets to them.

The Individual & the Whole

There is a stark difference between the personalities of iGens and millennials.

Milenials tend towards a consensus of belonging to a part of something greater. They expect the individual to be sacrificed, so to speak, for the community.

Igens, on the other hand, place a lot of virtue in the concept of individuality.

So how should your approach to marketing speak to these people? By appealing to their uniqueness.

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Know Your Target Audience: The Millennial

I fall into the target audience that grows tired of the title ‘millennial’. But as a content creator at a digital marketing agency, I can’t deny the value in finding key characteristics in your audience.

To say that every millennial is the same would be downright irresponsible and of course, wrong. However, due to their socio-economic background, and the influence that history and technology have had on them, there are several personality traits that are held by much of this audience.

Hark, here comes the millennial with their newly obtained spending power.

They are your current and future customers.

So, let’s take a closer look at who you should be marketing to, by highlighting some helpful characteristics along the way.

Your Target Audience are Entrepreneurs

Millennials are notorious entrepreneurs. They are looking to carve their own legacy into this world.

Today’s freelancers and struggling small business owners are taking up more of your target audience each day, fast becoming the future of the people you’ll market to.

Compared to previous generations, millennials are more likely to take a risk that offers high rewards, than they are to opt for the sustainable security of a regular job.

Millennials who have opted to work for a business, tend to change career paths quite drastically every few years. This makes them quite a dynamic group to market to.

Your Target Audience are Nomads

Much in line with their choice to move careers around regularly, millennials tend to do the same with their home lives.

Whether its because of an economy that makes ownership of property difficult, or by a whimsical, free-spirited nature, millennials tend to change residences more often than other generations and opt to rent properties rather than own them.

So, when marketing to millennials, it is often better to appeal to their sense of adventure than to their needs for comfort and security.

Your Target Audience are Hands-On Researchers

Be careful when marketing to, or even when meeting with a prospective client who happens to be a millennial.

Having grown up in the information age, millennials are adept at finding and using information.

They have probably done research on your company, your industry, your competitors, the processes of the services you offer and a whole slew of other things.

A lot of millennials are hands-on and involve themselves in the process of certain services. They may well know as much about your offers as you do.

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It is generalised and far from exhaustive. But this account of the millennial  should help you take a more effective approach when marketing to them.

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