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Reduce the number of skips of your YouTube ads

Discover how to create YouTube skippable in-stream adverts viewers will not want to skip.

In-stream advertising on YouTube displays within the platform’s video player. They play before, during, or after a video on the mobile app, desktop browser, connected TV, and third-party websites with embedded YouTube players.

Two of the three types of YouTube in-stream ads are not skippable. When non-skippable (up to 15 seconds) or bumper (up to 6 seconds) commercials appear in YouTube videos, users must first watch the sponsored content in its full.

On the other hand, viewers can opt out of seeing skippable advertising after the first 5 seconds. But, if you want people to watch for more than 5 seconds, you might think it’s producing a 15-second non-skippable ad is a better option.

However, if you have a lot to say, 15 seconds might not be enough. Skippable ads vary in length from 15 seconds to several minutes, giving you plenty of run time, provided you can keep viewers engaged enough to stay watching.

Furthermore, skippable, non-skippable, and bumper ads may all produce diverse results and provide a wide-ranging return on ad spend (ROAS). To improve your YouTube video campaign, create all three types of in-stream advertising and compare the results.

YouTube in-stream ads come in various types and sizes, from software demos to eCommerce promotions. So, how can you make a YouTube ad that connects with your target audience? We have a few tips.

Engaging use cases

How do you persuade viewers that your product or service is the best fit for them? Showing use cases that viewers can easily relate to is a smart strategy that captures the interest of prospective consumers.

You can convert everyday use cases into interesting concepts using skippable YouTube in-stream adverts, especially if you use the narrative potential of video. Create short pieces that may stand alone or work together to provide a more meaningful message to meet reduced attention spans.

Show key benefits

Do you want to demonstrate how your product or service can help viewers reach significant goals? With a benefits-driven YouTube in-stream ad, you can get right to the point and highlight your brand’s benefits.

Take care to speak your clients’ language while crafting this sort of ad. What do they want to accomplish? Instead of completing a job on their to-do list, they may be aiming for greater goals like saving time or gaining more clients.

Set a cautious pace and avoid immediately exposing the most important benefits if you want people to continue watching past the 5-second point. Instead, gradually build-up to the most spectacular rewards over 15 seconds or more.

Provide a demonstration

It’s vital to demonstrate to viewers how they might benefit from your product or service rather than tell them. A video presentation is an excellent approach to show what viewers can achieve. This form of YouTube in-stream ad may also give viewers a taste of what it’s like to use your product or service, which may pique their curiosity.

A typical sales demo might last 15 minutes or longer. Although there is no duration limit for in-stream advertising, YouTube suggests that they be no longer than 3 minutes. As a result, you should simplify your demo by speeding up the action and concentrating on the most crucial aspects.

Focus on your customers’ pain points

How do you reach customers who aren’t quite ready to hear about your brand’s benefits? Perhaps your target audience is still grappling with the issue at hand and hasn’t yet begun researching answers.

Connecting with your consumers’ key pain areas might be far more successful in this instance. If you know what your clients’ top problems are, you may explore them in a way that viewers will recognise. You may even use comedy to aggravate those pain points and get viewers to stay longer than 5 seconds.

Entertain the viewer

Addressing pain points don’t always have to be complicated. Instead, your skippable YouTube in-stream advertisement may concentrate on making people chuckle. Entertaining advertising stands out from more serious content, making them simpler to recall. Because stronger ad recall may keep your brand at the forefront of your customers’ minds, generating memorable content has obvious advantages.

Furthermore, funny ads are more likely to be shared. As a result, entertaining in-stream advertising may improve exposure through word-of-mouth.

Nudge with social proof

How do you target an audience that needs a little prodding before deciding? Social proof may be quite persuasive, and it has the potential to increase the effectiveness of your skippable YouTube in-stream ads.

In essence, social proof demonstrates that other customers have purchased and benefited from your product or service. In some cases, it can be a customer testimonial that viewers can easily identify with or a public figure that viewers respect. In other cases, it manifests itself in the form of impressive figures, like hundreds or thousands of happy consumers.

In any case, social proof may help your brand appear more reputable and help define the value of your product or service.

Name the numbers

Numbers may be especially persuasive in terms of social evidence. However, there are plenty of additional effective methods to use numbers in your in-stream adverts.

Text overlays on YouTube in-stream adverts are perfect for presenting a large amount of information during a sponsored video. For example, using numbers as overlays is a clever approach to capture attention and break up long blocks of text.

Add numbers to in-stream CTAs to create an even greater impression. Numbers, from discounts to promo codes, may quickly pique the curiosity of visitors.

Consider a brand ambassador

Collaborating with an influencer or brand ambassador might create social evidence that goes beyond numbers. After all, influencers have already earned their audiences’ trust. So when you incorporate an influencer in your skippable YouTube in-stream ad, you may borrow part of their reputation and draw a new audiences’ attention.

You may also use influencer marketing to fulfil your advertising goals by using the power of user-generated content (UGC). Unlike sponsored content, user-generated content (UGC) appears less staged and more natural. Therefore, it has a more significant impact on viewers and allows companies to engage with them more authentically.

Tips for better YouTube ad targeting

Creating a successful skippable YouTube in-stream ad necessitates excellent content and effective targeting.

These are some of the most helpful in-stream targeting options:

Subjects: You can target specific content topics ranging from arts and entertainment to travel and transportation. This is an effective method of reaching out to audiences depending on their interests.

Terms: Enter keywords relating to your company, goods, and services to assist YouTube in understanding what your ad is about. This is an effective method for displaying your videos with related material and to interested consumers.

Placements: Indicate which YouTube channels or videos you wish to advertise on. This is an excellent approach to place your advertisements on videos and channels that you know are popular with your target demographic.

Demographics: To reach your target consumer, enter any age, gender, family income, or parenting status. This is an excellent technique to broaden your audience based on the client persona of your brand.

Audience segments: Choose from affinity segments based on users’ interests in specific topics to in-market groups based on what users are purchasing. You may also create remarketing audiences and custom segments using your own data.

Content exclusions: Don’t choose content types that do not align with your brand, in-stream ad, or goals. For example, if embedded videos and live broadcasts aren’t helping you reach your target audience, remove them.

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