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Mastering Metrics: Google and Facebook Implement New Systems

Google’s average position has just been bumped out of the way by four new metrics. For some, widespread panic crept in with the implementation of these new metrics. Now, Facebook has just followed suit, saying farewell to their relevance score.

First ‘Impressions’ on Google’s New Metrics

Sure, they sound confusing and transformation can be scary. Google’s new metric systems include two impression percentage metrics which basically relate to the spaces above organic search results and where and when ad impressions display there. Impression share metrics indicate the portion of impressions that ‘made the cut’ for slots at the top of the page (also above the organic results).

How is this Helpful?

Well, more calculations naturally mean results of a higher accuracy and deeper dimensions. For digital marketing agencies, bidding to a location on the page means four metrics, instead of one measurement system, are now helping you hit that bullseye (if you are able to interpret the data they provide and respond accordingly).

Facebook the Follower

On the 30 April, it’s farewell to Facebook’s relevance score – which, as implied by the name, specifies the relevance of ads in relation to the audience they targeted. Relevance score has been replaced by three new metrics:

Quality Ranking Metric

Measures the apparent quality of an ad as it ranks against other ads that are targeting the same audience.

The Engagement Rate Metric

Reports on an ad’s probable engagement rate likened to other ads competing for the same audience.

The Conversion Rate Ranking

Feeds to an ad’s predicted conversion rates when compared to ads with the same optimization goals and audience.

No Need for Panic

For the optimists and innovators, these new Facebook metrics offer superior acumens into how campaigns can be expected to perform or (and it does happen), underperform. This offers advertising agencies the opportunity to make necessary adjustments to swing the outcomes and streamline their campaigns for optimum results. At Right Click Media, we are excited to work with these new metrics. Contact us if you have any questions, or visit our website for more information.