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Know Your Target Audience: iGens

Change is not only unavoidable; it is often actually good. As old ways of doing things give way to the new, so too must our businesses change the way that we see our customers. We have to investigate our target audience.

We have seen many shifts over the past few years in the types of clients that businesses need to market to in order to stay competitive.

First the millennials came along with their stereotypical love of avocado on toast and transparency.

As soon as businesses got used to their way of doing things, so enters the iGen.

An entire generation of technologically inclined smart-shoppers with a pride for their individuality and anxiety for the environment.

At least that’s what the profiling says.

Let’s explore this newly developed demographic here:

Your Target Audience are Information Processors

The iGen have grown up around digital media and are more accustomed to consuming and analysing content.

This makes them masterful information processors, able to find the devil in the details.

It also means that marketing campaigns focused on them need to pay attention to delivering engaging, interesting and data driven.

Growing up around waves of mounting content to be consumed, the average iGen has a shorter span of attention, but can work with more information at once than other demographics.

Your Target Audience is a Jack-of-All-Trades

Having grown up engaging simultaneously with various platforms, screens and projects, they are able to concentrate in the face of multiple distractions, or rather, it has afforded them better multi-tasking skills than other generations.

By comparison, millennials are more easily side-tracked and so need to focus on a task at a time.

This means that compared to millennials, that iGens bring with them a higher demand for content to be consumed during the sales funnel for any business that markets to them.

The Individual & the Whole

There is a stark difference between the personalities of iGens and millennials.

Milenials tend towards a consensus of belonging to a part of something greater. They expect the individual to be sacrificed, so to speak, for the community.

Igens, on the other hand, place a lot of virtue in the concept of individuality.

So how should your approach to marketing speak to these people? By appealing to their uniqueness.

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