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Ideal Social Media Marketing Platforms

Let’s talk about social advertising because platforms like Facebook and Instagram are designed with digital marketers in mind.

Social media marketing is now a mainstay in the industry, with about as much promotional weight as Google itself.

But there is an overwhelming number of these platforms, many of which are better for some marketing objectives than others.

So let’s take a look at the most popular ones. Those that are not only effective, but fairly easy to use and, of course, affordable:

Social Advertising on Facebook & Instagram

Facebook has been a giant in social media marketing for a long time now. They offer refined targeting tools, in-depth analytics and the ability to seamlessly manage multiple marketing accounts. Their pricing is competitive as well, allowing users to allocate their own budget and spread it over a period of time that they want their ads to run for.

On the organic side, Facebook can also be put to good use without spending anything. Of course, the ads will likely have far less reach than if they are boosted through payment.

Similarly, Instagram is a great tool for getting ads out to the right people. Reliant more on video and image content than Facebook, but to the same effect.

Social Advertising on LinkedIn

If Facebook and Instagram are promotional parties, LinkedIn is more of a networking event. By that mean that it is a far more professional platform than the former mentions.

It is as good as Facebook and Insta in terms of creating, sharing and boosting contacts, but operates in a more corporate climate.

Because of this, it is a particularly good platform for B2B marketing.

Social Advertising on YouTube

You can’t have a blog about social media platforms without speaking about YouTube. Technically, it is a social media platform, although it is also a search engine. This means it brings in powerful marketing tools from both worlds.

In terms of social media marketing, it is a great place to engage directly with the relevant audience with engaging and enjoyable content. This content can be shared to build brand awareness and authority.

In terms of how it works on the search engine side of things, YouTube is owned by Google, and as such, uses Google Ads as its main tool for marketing, which is one of the most powerful on the planet for targeting, reach and metrics.

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