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Google as Part of a Digital Strategy

Right Click Media

Google has become an essential part of everyone’s digital life. Google allows us access to new and exciting information; it allows us to understand others through Google Translate, and it allows us to find anything we need and desire with a simple search and the results are instantaneous. Google has been such a great tool for anything, that we have gladly allowed it to become an integral part of our lives.  Google has more than just personal benefits, it has business benefits too. By using Google to have a digital presence for your brand it allows one to reach new audiences.

Using Ads

 A great aspect of Google Advertising is with Google Ads. Google Ads allows a brand to place themselves strategically based on their products and services. This allows the brand to reach their audiences in the space and time that it is actually needed and wanted, as these paid advertisements appear on relevant Google Searches. These adverts are completely customisable to the point of budget, time, location and topic. Google Ads allows the brand to select certain words that are relevant to their ad and brand, which will appear once it has been searched.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Google Ads works on the budget principle of Pay per Click (PPC). PPC is a simple concept, where the brand will only pay for the ad that appears on a search engine if the user actually clicks on the link for the website that is being advertised in their Google search.  These ads appear in relation to the search and it will only cost the advertiser for the advert if the audience enters the link that is advertised. If the ad was not clicked on or they did not reach out to the brand, it will not be paid for.

Working with Google Plus

 A great means of having a digital presence online that compliments the Google Ads presence is to maintain a Google Plus account. Google Plus is highly recommended when it comes to effectively utilising other digital marketing aspects, such as it allows for a greater result with Search Engine Optimisation and appearing in local search results. By having this account it further ensures that all the efforts that the brand goes through to reach their audiences in a meaningful manner.

Contact Us to Find Out More

Digital marketing goes further than having a Facebook page or a Twitter account. It is important for brands to realise that there is a need for a deeper strategy that utilises a variety of channels and platforms. Google Advertising is no exception. To be able to find out more about Google marketing and how it is done, contact Right Click Media for more.