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Google Algorithm Newsletter

Several times a year, Google aims to increase the performance of their search engine by releasing updates to its algorithms that are responsible for determining website page rankings. These major updates are necessary to improve customer experience when searching for relevant information, and are also aimed at helping advertisers get the most out of the search engine.

In an official statement made by Google on Twitter on 12 March 2018, they informed users that this update will likely effect websites that have been, up to now, ranking favourably. They stress that there is nothing that can be done to rectify this as yet.

The reason for this is that the update has been designed to give priority to those websites that had previously ranked unfavourably even though they were correctly optimised.

The published notice can be viewed below:

“Each day, Google usually releases one or more changes designed to improve our results. Some are focused around specific improvements. Some are broad changes. Last week, we released a broad core algorithm update. We do these routinely several times per year.

As with any update, some sites may note drops or gains. There’s nothing wrong with pages that may now perform less well. Instead, it’s that changes to our systems are benefiting pages that were previously under-rewarded.
There’s no “fix” for pages that may perform less well other than to remain focused on building great content. Over time, it may be that your content may rise relative to other pages.”

This means that some of our valued clients may notice a slight drop in the ranking performance of their sites. While this is largely out of our control at the moment, the Right Click Media team would like to assure you that, in the face of this update, we are doing all we can to keep your site at the top of search engine rankings.

Ranking performance with regards to this update is out of our hands but we pride ourselves on staying up to date with all changes as they occur in the digital industry and we apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused, but are still look forward to helping your business and marketing campaign grow.