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Digital Marketing With VR And AR

VR and AR are fairly new concepts. But they have been taking the entertainment, gaming and technology worlds by storm.

They have brought science fiction into our daily lives. Both are becoming more sophisticated each day.

Adopting both creates several unique opportunities for developers and marketing campaign managers.

Here’s why:

The Difference Between VR And AR

Virtual reality is immersive. It creates an immersive digital environment by projecting visuals and sounds through a headset that blocks out the real world, allowing the user to lose themselves in the digital one.

Augmented reality works by superimposing digitally constructed items or surroundings over the real world. This allows the two to interact with each other in surprising ways, as was seen with the Pokemon Go craze.

The Novelty of VR and AR

Since the technology is new it still has a strong sense of novelty behind it. This means that the popularity and convenience of these mediums is only expected to grow.

This creates an opportunity for marketers to use such technology to create exciting experiences for their audiences.

It can be a powerful way of driving customer interest and engagement using new and exciting mediums.

This keeps marketing and advertising fresh.

It allows your digital marketing agency to build a campaign that either makes use of VR and AR software, or gives your audience a chance to experience these new developments.

AR, VR and the Customer Experience

VR and AR give your audience an opportunity to engage with your brand, products and services immersive. Instead of drinking up content from a semi-engaged spot on their office chair, they can now become physically involved and immersed in your campaign.

This is a way of increasing their interest and engagement in your products, services, brands or events.

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