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Digital Marketing in 2023

The digital marketing landscape in 2023 has been marked by exciting developments. Numerous new technologies have emerged, promising to reshape the industry. Competition has intensified, and businesses that embraced digital marketing in 2017 have seen significant growth.

As the year rapidly draws to a close, digital marketing agencies and campaign managers are gearing up to gain a competitive edge in the upcoming year. To assist you on this journey, let’s explore some of the marketing trends expected to dominate 2018.

Embracing Mobile-Centric Strategies

In recent years, digital marketing has steadily shifted towards mobile-friendly campaigns. With constant advancements in mobile technology, more people are seeking products, services, events, and brands while on the move. To effectively reach this substantial portion of your potential audience, it’s imperative to ensure that your campaigns are mobile-responsive. You might even consider developing an app to enhance communication with your audience.

The Rise of VR and AR

Augmented and virtual reality have been hot topics in the past year, and the technology is now readily available in the market. This opens up exciting opportunities for your campaigns. You could distribute branded Google Cardboard glasses, create virtual exhibitions, or leverage virtual and augmented reality platforms to promote your brand. Being among the first South African campaigns to harness this awe-inspiring technology can set you apart before the novelty wears off.

Video Marketing’s Ascendance

Internet users are inundated with a constant stream of content daily, making it challenging for messages to capture their attention. To combat this, marketers are seeking new and captivating ways to engage their audience. Video marketing, particularly on platforms like YouTube, is gaining prominence and will be the go-to channel for many campaigns in the upcoming year.

Advancements in South African Infrastructure

Improvements in South African telecommunications infrastructure are poised to transform internet usage. The expansion of fiber-optic lines in Johannesburg indicates a forthcoming surge in connection capacity. This means more people will be using the internet more frequently, with increased speeds. It’s crucial to ensure your campaign is well-prepared to take advantage of this evolving landscape.

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