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Digital Marketing in 2018

Right Click Media

It has been an exciting year for those involved with digital marketing. Scores of new technologies have promised to change the face of the industry, competition is growing, and so too are those businesses which took the time to work alongside what digital marketing had to offer for 2017.

With the year coming to a hasty end, now is the time for digital marketing agencies and campaign managers to seek out advantages over their competitors in the year to come. So to help you along the way, here are some of the marketing trends that 2018 is expected to bring.

Moving closer to mobile

The last few years in digital marketing have seen a gradual but steady move towards more mobile-friendly campaigns. More people are searching for products, services, events and brands while on the go thanks to constant improvements to the technology behind mobile devices. This means that you need to cater to this large portion of your potential audience by ensuring that your campaigns are mobile-responsive.

You may even consider developing an app to communicate with your audience more effectively.

VR and AR are all but here

We have been hearing a lot about augmented and virtual reality over the last year, and the technology is pretty much on the market already. This means that your campaign can benefit from incorporating these elements in its process.

You could distribute branded Google-Cardboard glasses, develop your own virtual exhibitions or make use of virtual and augmented platforms to push your brand; while being one of the first South African campaigns to make use of this awe-inspiring technology before the novelty wears off.

Video marketing is on the rise

Internet users are bombarded with waves of content each day, which means that most of these messages will get lost in the background of their attention. This is leading marketers to look for new and exciting ways to keep their audience engaged and interested. Video marketing on platforms such as YouTube are growing a stronger presence, and will be the ideal channel for many campaigns in the coming year.

Improvements to South African infrastructure

Improvements to South African telecommunications infrastructure will likely change the way many internet users browse the web. Fibre-optic lines are spreading through the streets of Jo’burg, which means that our connection capacity is due to boom very soon. This means that more people will be using the internet, more of the time, and with greater speeds. Which makes now a crucial time to ensure that your campaign is properly developed.

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