Facebook to Change its Approach to Business Reviews

Here in the digital marketing industry we have grown accustomed to constant changes to Facebook. And we’re not talking about the way the end-user experiences changes to the platform, but rather those that have an effect on businesses and their marketing strategies. It can be argued that changes to the user-experience also affect the efforts of businesses and marketers, and their recently rolled-out changes to the way that businesses are reviewed by their customers, are a prime example of this. So let’s explore these changes in a little more detail, to help your business stay on top of its online reputation management.

From 5-Star Ratings to Recommendations

In its current state, Facebook allows users to review a business according to a 5-star system. They will be, however, switching it out for a far simpler recommendation section. As it stands, business pages will still show their current 5-star rating, however Facebook is users know that the change from reviews to recommendations will be occurring. But how do these recommendations work?

Instead of rating a business out of 5 stars, users will simply be asked whether or not they would recommend a business to others. To answer this, they will just click on either a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ button.

Following this, they will be asked to give reasons for their answer.

This simplification of the process is quite similar to the way reviews are gathered on Yelp, and Facebook hopes that this will add value to users looking for products or services, and will also, hopefully, curtail the widespread nature of fake reviews.

Rich Endorsements for Select Marketers

In addition to their new recommendation system, Facebook will also be rolling out what they call ‘rich endorsements’. These are not currently available to everyone, but will only be used (for now) for restaurants, bars and coffee shops exclusively.

According to these types of endorsements, users are asked to select tags that categorise why a business has been recommended (or hasn’t).

The nature of these tags are currently only suited to food, which is why the rollout is currently quite limited. They include tags that describe the service, taste, price, portion size, speed, cleanliness, desert quality, how healthy it is and more.

As more tags gradually become available, we can expect rich endorsements to start becoming available to other industries in time.

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Instagram has undergone many changes in the past month. This article will give you more information regarding the changes of the application.


Firstly, users may notice that the logo looks very different; it is filled with a spectrum of pink, red and purple undertones. The logo is a lot different to what we are used to.


The functionality of the application has also changed. Instagram aspires to enhance the experience of the user by changing the order of the posts. The application will now use algorithms to personalize the user’s feed- the reason for this is to appeal to the user’s interests, and will depend on the relationship that the user has with the ‘follower’. The user will still be able to view all the pictures in the feed, however, the feed will no longer be shown chronologically.


Some Instagram users are going as far as asking their followers to get notified every time they upload a new image. This function is also new to Instagram and insures that followers don’t miss a single post of their favourite pages.


Advertising on Instagram is also possible. The next step for advertising on Instagram will be to gain more control over what is displayed on the feed. By displaying the posts according to the algorithm, the application is able to gain control and is able to reduce clutter. The application is able to serve more relevant and engaging content and therefore create more spacing for adverts to flight. The fact is that now that the application is able to show posts to user’s that are interested means that marketers are advertising to people who are more likely to be interested in their product or service.