Google Changes Their Ad Policies

Google is one of the most innovative and responsive companies in the world.

And a big the reason for that is due to the way they continuously work to optimise the user experience.

One of the recent changes Google has implemented relates to the locations that Ads appear on their Search Engine Results Page.

Traditionally, Google Ads appear at the top of the results page, and then down the right hand side. This is no longer the case.

Instead of Ads appearing down the right hand side of the page, Google has increased the number of Ads that appear at the top of the page from three to four.

What does this mean for your campaign?

• Users searching for your products or services will no longer be distracted by the several ads running down the side of the page.
• The most clicked-on part of the results page (the top) is where your ads will be flighted.
• Right Click Media will continue to run your campaigns with front-page exposure as the main objective for your relevant search terms.

Google Remarketing:

Considering the rate at which technology is developing and influencing people’s lives, it is hard to believe that a world where snail mail, encyclopaedia’s, dial up, CRT monitors, floppy disks, CD’s etc actually existed and that the world was able to function without the advanced technology that we rely on today.

The world we live in today:

People are urged to:
• Feel Connected: We check our phones 150x per day.
• Express Themselves: 4 out of 10 people repost photos or videos online.
• Explore Their Interests: Some people spend more time on their devices than they do sleeping.

What’s the big deal?
• 96% of people leave the website without converting.
• 70% of people abandon shopping carts without purchasing.
• 49% of people typically visit 2-4 sites before purchasing.

How do we take control of conversions? Through remarketing!
Remarketing helps you reconnect with people who have left your website or app without buying anything. Google remarketing works by placing cookies on your website visitors and tracking the visitors there after to show them related adverts of products or services that may interest them by taking their browser history into consideration. It lets you remind your website visitors of that great offer they missed out on while they were browsing the web, using mobile apps or searching terms on Google.

Benefits of Remarketing:
● Increase traffic to your client’s site.
● Boost sales.
● Develop your client’s reputation.
● Grow loyalty and customer retention.
● Improve ROI.