Innovative Marketing Strategies for 2019

In order for digital marketing to remain effective, adaptations to execution as well as entirely new methods of execution need to be implemented regularly to keep audiences engaged. Here’s which strategies we predict will keep the fires burning for brands and companies in 2019. 

Keeping it ‘Lively’ 

2018 has already proven the power of video as a tool for effective digital marketing. In 2019, we can expect to see pioneering ways of keeping the approach alive through even more realistic and impactful communications with viewers. 

Live video acts as a kind of portal that has been certified by transparency, where brands have the opportunity to build greater levels of trust with target audiences. Engaging content is pivotal for overall efficiency and technical difficulties could jeopardize the whole outcome, so be sure to invest in the services of a professional digital marketing agency

Social Responsibility and Foregoing the Generic 

Baby Boomers, Generation X-ers and Millennials are all on social media, so thinking digital marketing need not apply to one of them is a mistake. The trick here is to adapt your marketing according to what is valued by them. In other words, if you want to appeal to audiences, best you get to know them well. 

Millennials, as an example, value the resolve of social issues above economic ones, so to get the attention of the generation that is now making up most of the work-force population, merging social responsibility with your marketing campaigns and keeping bulk, generic-style marketing at bay will increase the chances of successful campaigns. 

Influential Tactics 

Collaborating with influencers is a smart way to reach your target audience. Why? Peer reviews serve as a trust link between consumers and brands; influencers are essentially the peers that are doing the reviewing – you want ‘reviews’ and you want good ones. 

Having followers means there is an audience that already place trust in an influencer and if that influencer then endorses your brand, audiences are bound to follow suit. Instagram remains one of the best platforms in order to execute this and it is predicted that 2019 will see the rise of long-term and beneficial partnerships between brands and influencers. 

Forward Thinking Digital Marketing Agencies

Keeping your brand not only in the game, but at the top of the marketing ranks means acquiring the services of forward thinking digital marketing agencies who understand the proper execution of fresh strategies as modern solutions to advertising. Looking for a digital marketing agency that can do that? Contact the creative team at Right Click Media or visit their website. 

The Power of YouTube Marketing for Specific Industries

Before we begin, I’d like to hit you with the stats that demonstrate YouTube’s audience percentage versus age, as generously provided by FortuneLord;

• 11% of YouTube’s audience is 18-24

• 23% are ages 25-34

• 26% are 35-44

• 16% are 45-54

• 8% are 50-64

• 3% are 65+

• 14% are undetermined

What does this mean? It means that every business and all industries should be utilising YouTube as part of their marketing strategy, if only for the diverse range of audiences that ads have the potential to reach. Remember that marketing on YouTube is demographically specific and allows advertisers to show content only to one’s relevant target market. If that isn’t enough to convince you, then let’s take a step back and get industry specific. 

Hospitality and Travel Industries

Logically, could there be a better way to get people excited about seeing different cultures, having new experiences, eating different foods and travelling other than, well, showing them? Video marketing has such an increased capacity for creating emotive and inspirational content. 

Think of the most inspirational scene you’ve watched on the Big Screen; chances are it was a combination of the visuals, storyline and an awesome backing track that hit you right in the feels. Video marketing has the potential to do the same.   

Law and Financial Industries

The biggest challenge when attempting to market industries of this nature is arguably trust and credibility due to the sensitive nature of the services that they provide. It can be difficult to successfully demonstrate the skills, attributes and expertise associated with niche industries. 

Due to its nature and the potential for repeated exposure, video marketing creates a space for the cultivation of credibility through association. Using this type of marketing to create business relationships that are built on transparency is a wise move. 

How to Market on YouTube

Effectively marketing on YouTube requires…wait for it…industry-specific knowledge and expertise around Youtube video setup. As such, campaigns designed for the YouTube platform have a greater chance of success if they have been professionally and creatively formulated. Contact the team at Right Click Media or visit their website for more information. 

A Logo for a Legacy

The importance of pictures and symbols to summarize and represent tangible concepts have been relevant for mankind’s learning and associations for over forty thousand years; it’s exactly how cavemen told their stories and left legacies for centuries to come. A logo for your business tells the story of your company, the values it represents and the direction of its future through visual symbolism. 

A Logo for Sensory Response 

When you think of a company like Coca-Cola, you probably instantly see the red and white used in their logo and remember the taste and feeling of their product; perhaps even a fond memory associated with drinking a Coke springs into recollection. The experience, becomes an all-encompassing sensory one and a highly effective marketing tool largely inspired by their logo. 


A logo offers your company increased exposure in streamlined ways. For the sake of advertising space as well as effective delivery, a logo is far more useful for quick and easy exposure as opposed to lofty and lengthy descriptions that are not as visually engaging or stimulating as an image. In a society driven by instant gratification, instant solutions go a long way.

Becoming Iconic

The Coca-Cola logo is as iconic as the company and the products that it represents. How is this done? Through reliable delivery on products and services that lead to customer satisfaction. Without building the customer satisfaction to back it, a logo will remain an empty representation, or worse still, have negative associations with the brand it represents. 

Companies and their logos become iconic and create legacies largely due to engaging, simple and memorable logo design coupled with the positive associations that consumers are able to form around that logo.  

Longing for a Logo?   

If you’re building your brand and its reputation, having a logo to effectively represent everything that you are building is a step in the right direction. For professional graphic design services and a range of full service online advertising solutions contact the team at Right Click Media or visit their website for more information.  

Facebook to Change its Approach to Business Reviews

Here in the digital marketing industry we have grown accustomed to constant changes to Facebook. And we’re not talking about the way the end-user experiences changes to the platform, but rather those that have an effect on businesses and their marketing strategies. It can be argued that changes to the user-experience also affect the efforts of businesses and marketers, and their recently rolled-out changes to the way that businesses are reviewed by their customers, are a prime example of this. So let’s explore these changes in a little more detail, to help your business stay on top of its online reputation management.

From 5-Star Ratings to Recommendations

In its current state, Facebook allows users to review a business according to a 5-star system. They will be, however, switching it out for a far simpler recommendation section. As it stands, business pages will still show their current 5-star rating, however Facebook is users know that the change from reviews to recommendations will be occurring. But how do these recommendations work?

Instead of rating a business out of 5 stars, users will simply be asked whether or not they would recommend a business to others. To answer this, they will just click on either a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ button.

Following this, they will be asked to give reasons for their answer.

This simplification of the process is quite similar to the way reviews are gathered on Yelp, and Facebook hopes that this will add value to users looking for products or services, and will also, hopefully, curtail the widespread nature of fake reviews.

Rich Endorsements for Select Marketers

In addition to their new recommendation system, Facebook will also be rolling out what they call ‘rich endorsements’. These are not currently available to everyone, but will only be used (for now) for restaurants, bars and coffee shops exclusively.

According to these types of endorsements, users are asked to select tags that categorise why a business has been recommended (or hasn’t).

The nature of these tags are currently only suited to food, which is why the rollout is currently quite limited. They include tags that describe the service, taste, price, portion size, speed, cleanliness, desert quality, how healthy it is and more.

As more tags gradually become available, we can expect rich endorsements to start becoming available to other industries in time.

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Here at Right Click Media we are keeping close tabs on these movements, that way we are able to pass their benefits on to you while they are still fresh. If you would like details on how we can assist you with your online marketing and grow your business alongside our own, contact one of our sales representatives or visit our website for additional details.

Social Media Marketing

Can social media marketing actually help my business?

Absolutely! It has been proven over and over again by many businesses. In fact, by not making use of social media marketing, you could be harming your business, as having an online presence on social media platforms is simply expected of any reputable business now days.


What are some of the benefits of social media marketing for my business?

Whether your business is making use of social media or not, it has forever changed the way that businesses communicate with consumers, and vice versa. By being accessible to your clients and possible clients through social media is a very important means of developing lasting relationships with them and also helping them through the sales funnel.


How should a business measure their social media marketing success?

When it comes to social media, your success can be measured using the same metrics used for any other type of marketing activity: leads, traffic and customers. By counting the number of followers, friends or fans that your business has, could help you understand your reach, but the most important part to determine your success is how many people it is driving to your website, how many of those people are actually good quality leads and lastly, how many of them become customers.


Which social media platforms should my business be using?

This is a difficult question, as you will need to have a presence wherever your customers are. Do some research on where your customers are, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn and follow them there.


The Shift from AdWords to Google Ads

Google AdWords has been a staple for many digital marketers for some years now, which is why it was no surprise that there was a great deal of concern and conversation generated around its transformation, earlier this year, into Google Ads. The polymorphic platform may have taken a little getting used to in terms of navigation, but essentially, once digital markers had figured out how to find their way around it, it has been business as usual when setting up Google Ad campaigns as opposed to AdWords ones. There are, in fact, a few newer features, that have been incorporated into one neat little package from various other Google products. Let’s take a closer look at these changes here.

Everything Where we Left it

To start off, it is important to note that, in essence, the shift from AdWords to Google Ads has been more of an aesthetic one that anything else. The change came as part of a rebranding initiative on Google’s part, injecting more life and functionality into the platform, more closely tying it to their brand, while also incorporating functions from other services as well. With that said, Google Ads is still pretty much AdWords with a new outfit on; but in essence it still works in the same way. For obvious reasons, Google didn’t want this rebranding initiative to interfere with the performance of campaigns; and an important part of that was making sure that digital marketers can still work effectively and confidently on the platform.

All Under One Roof

Google Ads will now include a new Integrations Center that allows marketers to view ways in which Google tools can be fit together. In addition to this, they are launching Smart Campaigns which allows advertisers to identify the actions they wish to prioritise, which Google Ads can then use to optimise campaigns accordingly.

On top of that, there is a third brand being incorporated into Google Ads, called the Google Marketing Platform. This combines the functions of Google Analytics and DoubleClick Digital Marketing, to give advertisers a better scope of how their ads are performing, better manage bids, campaigns and audiences.

Contact Right Click Media for Details

While this rebranding of google AdWords may have changed, it is still a remarkably powerful approach to digital advertising. To find out more about how we can help you develop and execute a successful digital marketing campaign, speak to one of our representatives at Right Click Media today, or visit our website for further details.

Why Are Google Ads Important?

Google Ads is a digital marketing platform operated and owned by Google . It is the largest digital marketing network in the world . Google Ads makes your marketing tasks much easier. There is no need for you to wait  for your new website to work its way organically up the rankings on Google. By using Google Ads , that is paid search ,you can see immediate results .


5 Benefits of Google Ads

 Google Ads works faster than Search Engine Optimisation

With Search Engine Optimisation you have to work your way up on the rankings organically , but with Google Ads you will see your results a lot faster  as it is a paid search .


Increase brand awareness

Google Ads , in addition to clicks , conversions and boosting traffic , is also a way for people to notice your brand .


Reach more customers through Gmail Inbox

Email marketing is the most used marketing strategy in every business .  Google integrated native Gmail ads with Google Ads in September 2015 and made it available to all advertisers . This means that you can reach more prospects through their Gmail Inbox.


Reconnect with visitors of your website

On Google Ads you can reconnect with your visitors that have previously visited your site but have not converted yet . Google Ads lets you create a remarketing list to optimise for conversions.


Measure your performance consistently

Google Ads tells you exactly what is happening with your campaign; who clicks on your ad, how many leads have been generated, how much it costs you per lead , which keywords generate the most traffic and leads, and how much traffic you get from Google Ads to your website .


Why should you be using Google Ads ?

Think of Google Ads as a small initial investment . You can define your budget , get a higher ROI ( return on investment ) , get more targeted traffic to your website  , test different marketing campaigns and get instant traffic. Right Click Media is a digital marketing agency and a certified Google Partner  that has many Google Ads specialists that can you help you grow your business through Google Ads Today .

The Benefits of Google+ For Your Brand

The Benefits of Google+ For Your Brand

We all know Google+, we get a few emails and notifications from it when we go online and use our Gmail accounts, we tend to ignore it, and we believe that it is kind of a pointless thing that just exists around us because are constantly using Google. But as a business owner, or as an advertiser, especially a digital advertiser, Google+ actually has a great benefits. It is designed to work with us in a way that we don’t even know that it is Google+.

The Purpose of Google+

Google+ is, of course, a Google product, which means it is a working part of the Googleverse, which means that it is part of the internet which is working to help people navigate the digital world. This will allow the internet searchers sitting in front of their lap tops, or their smartphones searching for the solution to their problems and the answers to their questions. That is the place you want your business to be, on the screen when everyone is looking for something to solve their problems, or fulfil their needs.

The Benefits

As previously mentioned, it is part of Google, which means it is helping the search engine have more data for your business, which means it will be able to help your brand appear on organic searches when people start looking for something or someone related to what you do. It is a great platform for your business to be posting and sharing content, this means that people have more information about and for your business. It helps Google build a better profile of your business which means a more detailed description for your business. You have better control of your messages to your audiences.

Right Click Media

Google+ is a great digital asset to getting your brand out to the right people. Google+ works in conjunction with a well crafted SEO and AdWords campaigns. Digital and search engine marketing is a great way to get your business out there. Contact Right Click Media today to get involved in digital marketing!

Millennials V.S iGens: What’s the Difference?

In recent years we have been learning all about the millennials, how they prefer experience over ownership, how far they go to avoid debt, and of course how much they love avocado on toast.

We are used to seeing article titles that identify millennial trends and habits, or others that are placing blame on them for certain phenomena (like not believing in retirement or distrusting franchises). Millennial architypes are often disliked because of ideals that differ to what their parents had in mind for them, but that has not stopped them from doing what they do best, forging a new path for themselves based on transparency and community.

Born between the early 80’s and mid 90’s, millennials have already become targeted consumers with some sense of buying power and influence in the marketing world. But soon a new generation will step up and take the mantle of social scrutiny from them, forcing marketing and business models to adapt accordingly; the iGens.

The iGen

The next generation that the world needs to become aware of is the iGen. They are born between the late-90s to the mid-2000s. They are the next large consumers that are about to flood the markets, and brands need to care about them, while of course not forgetting about the millennials.

The iGen is an example of the internet generation that already has technology integrated into his or her life (but will, for better or worse, never know what a rotary dial telephone or dial-up internet connection is). They are consuming media from a young age and are living lives focused on multiple screens.

They are soon going to be having some form of influence with their buying power, and as such, it is highly important that brands prepare themselves for a new generation, and a new way of communicating with it.

Why Are They So Important?

It is important that we learn from changes brought about by each new generation, and assumptions can be dangerous. iGens need to be communicated with on their own terms, and in a way that resonates with them.

Continuing with business as usual, and with no foresight for changes brought on by coming generations, will do little to help you avoid brand mishaps while wasting your resources on misguided advertising.

iGens will be entering into the world of work soon and will have a large financial pull within consumer markets. So marketers and business owners need to understand that their whole philosophy on life is completely different to that of millennials, and technology will be the centre of it all.

iGen Ideologies

This generation is focused around the self, and how their external world works towards helping them meet their needs and wants. They are a generation concerned about the environment, who, having grown up in the digital age, also value their privacy.

They are constantly and actively working on their person as a brand; a group of people prepared to work and centre their lives around professionalism, while aiming to build memories with their loved ones.

They are embracing local culture and they are looking for more worldly life experiences. They are looking for a life where they are enabled and understood for who they are, and they are not afraid to let new brands into their lives.

The Key Differences Between Them

Information Processing & Information Bias

The iGen generation, having grown up around digital media from day one, are more accustomed to consuming and analysing content, making them masterful information processors by their very nature. This means that marketing campaigns focused on them need to pay attention to delivering engaging and interesting content.

These waves of content that they constantly engage with have resulted in a lower span of attention than in Millennials, who tend to retain focus more easily, but struggle to engage with vast quantities of content.

The Multi-Taskers & the Specialists

A lowered sense of focus in the iGen generation is not necessarily a sore point for them, since it has given them the ability to be better multi-taskers than any previous generation.

Having grown up engaging simultaneously with various platforms, screens and projects, they are able to concentrate in the face of multiple distractions.

When compared to the easily side-tracked millennial who generally focusses on one task at a time, it is easy to see how the iGen generation may have demands for more content, more consumption and a busier lifestyle.

Bargain Hunters & Impulse Buyers

Millennials have grown up in the midst of a recession, the result of which is an attitude inclined towards penny-pinching and bargain hunting. They conduct careful research, scour reviews and look into the entirety of a brand’s history and impact before making even the simplest purchasing decision.

While a good price and value for money is a major concern for Millennials, the iGens are less inclined to scour for promotions and niche deals, and put far less cognitive effort into purchasing decisions. They know what they want to buy, and buy it without much prior research.

The Individual and the Community

While the community at large and a sense of social inclusion define Millennials and much of their thoughts and actions, the iGens tend towards a focus on the individual.

They seek uniqueness over belonging, which has an effect on their opinions regarding which brands they interact with, what types of jobs they do, and how they interact socially and professionally with others.

Right Click Media

We should learn from the millennial mistakes, and not ignore or stereotype this generation from the get go. It is important that brands know how to talk to and with the different audiences and generations so that they can create meaningful and lasting relationships with all of their consumers.

Thankfully, digital marketing agency, Right Click Media, is here to help you build those relationships in the digital space, perfect for the iGen, the millennial and anyone else.

What makes us so sure? Well for starters, this very article was written by a hard-working, screen-surrounded iGen, and edited by an avocado-on-toast-eating millennial.


Why it’s Time for Your Brand to Embrace The Millennial

Why it’s Time for Your Brand to Embrace The Millennial

The term millennia is shrouded in a certain level of uncertainty. With no clear distinction of which exact generation makes up this demographic, the general consensus is that those born between the period of the 80’s and 90’s, fall into this category. Millennials have been one of the greatest victims of disgruntled preceding generations for their unique approach to life which throws out the traditional approaches to working, ownership, living and travelling. They prefer to take life differently, rubbing baby-boomers and their predecessors up the wrong way, in many ways. Though, however you have felt about this generation in the past, it’s time to put all of that behind you. Studies show that they are now the largest population of consumers on the planet, they now have the spending power to interact with your business, and they will more than likely stay that way for a few more decades. For you and your brand, this means that you need to shake things up a bit to cater for their needs and wants; but if their needs and wants are vastly different to your other consumers (and they most certainly are), you will need to adapt to accommodate them. For those involved in digital marketing, understanding the illusive millennial is a practice that will keep them in business in the very near future.

Millennials are Entrepreneurs

A recent study conducted by took a close look at the working habits of millennials in comparison to baby-boomers, and found some startling differences. While baby-boomers preferred security in a long-lasting career, millennials are constantly and actively looking for new working opportunities. This means that they are likely to change their jobs as frequently as every 3 years, whereas baby-boomers only change every 11 years on average.

Aside from that, millennials on average have a strong entrepreneurial spirit, and it comes from a need to work flexible hours instead of the traditional 9-5 accepted by baby boomers. They are also more willing to relocate for better opportunities; which makes targeting them according to their profession a little tricky.

Understanding Their Home Lives

The travel-centric common denominator in these studies also leads to some interesting insights into the home life of millennials. For instance, most of them prefer to rent as opposed to own houses, and are not looking to change that any time soon. They are comfortable with temporary apartment living, and often enough, communal housing situations. This points to an active and adventurous lifestyle that can be focused on in your digital marketing campaign, as opposed to concentrating on home comforts, security and stability; which might appeal more to the baby-boomers.

They Might Know More Than You

Every millennial (at the risk of generalising) takes pride in personal involvement in projects. Baby-boomers on the other hand, were more than happy to let the professionals make the decision for them. When doing business with your brand, you can be sure that the millennial you are dealing with, has done their research into your business, industry and processes; and will also likely expect a certain level of personal involvement when dealing with you. This means that you need to ensure you know what you are talking about, and at all times, without fail, you must be transparent to this generation that craves it.

Social Responsibility Counts for a Lot

We are living in an age where social-responsibility counts for a lot, but millennials have, by and by, come to expect this from companies, and are actively supporting those that are giving back to the community in one way or another. So get out there and get involved with the community. And whether you are doing it from the kindness of your heart or not, be sure to make charity part of your digital marketing campaign to impress this particularly empathetic audience.

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