Why the Need for Online Marketing is Growing Rapidly in South Africa

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South Africa has been going through some radical changes over the past few years; some of them have been less than ideal, while others have helped us move forward significantly in various fields. One of the biggest facets of society where this had been felt, is in the online sphere. Major transformations to the way that South Africans go online have been undergone, specifically because of the introduction of fibre to the country. High-speed internet, available to more and more people, at more affordable prices, have sling-shot us into a digital realm that can compete, to some extent, on an international level.

How Has This Changed the Way we Use the Internet in South Africa?

This has had a knock-on effect for how the average South African uses the internet. We have been given a lot more value, and this is especially the case where commerce is concerned. Consider for a moment the ever-increasing popularity of retail sites like Takealot.com and Gum-tree. South Africans are making more and more online purchases thanks to how cost-effective and convenient it is to do so.

Besides that, the internet has become a go-to place for information on businesses. This info might simply include the types of products and services offered by businesses. It could simply be contact information. People are using the internet to compare prices and quality, and most importantly, they are using it extensively to write and read business reviews before making any purchasing decisions.

What Does this Mean for South African Businesses and Marketers?

These changes in the way we are using the net is having a profound impact on local business; particularly where communication with potential customers is concerned.

For businesses to engage in their industries in any kind of competitive way, they need to have an online presence. And to be able to stand up against their competitors, this online presence needs to be strong and wide-spread.

This means that the digital marketing industry is taking centre-stage in 2019. So if your business hasn’t built a website, doesn’t have a social media presence, or isn’t concerning itself with search engine optimisation, that it is likely losing out.

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