Why it’s Time for Your Brand to Embrace The Millennial

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Why it’s Time for Your Brand to Embrace The Millennial

The term millennia is shrouded in a certain level of uncertainty. With no clear distinction of which exact generation makes up this demographic, the general consensus is that those born between the period of the 80’s and 90’s, fall into this category. Millennials have been one of the greatest victims of disgruntled preceding generations for their unique approach to life which throws out the traditional approaches to working, ownership, living and travelling. They prefer to take life differently, rubbing baby-boomers and their predecessors up the wrong way, in many ways. Though, however you have felt about this generation in the past, it’s time to put all of that behind you. Studies show that they are now the largest population of consumers on the planet, they now have the spending power to interact with your business, and they will more than likely stay that way for a few more decades. For you and your brand, this means that you need to shake things up a bit to cater for their needs and wants; but if their needs and wants are vastly different to your other consumers (and they most certainly are), you will need to adapt to accommodate them. For those involved in digital marketing, understanding the illusive millennial is a practice that will keep them in business in the very near future.

Millennials are Entrepreneurs

A recent study conducted by Forthambit.com took a close look at the working habits of millennials in comparison to baby-boomers, and found some startling differences. While baby-boomers preferred security in a long-lasting career, millennials are constantly and actively looking for new working opportunities. This means that they are likely to change their jobs as frequently as every 3 years, whereas baby-boomers only change every 11 years on average.

Aside from that, millennials on average have a strong entrepreneurial spirit, and it comes from a need to work flexible hours instead of the traditional 9-5 accepted by baby boomers. They are also more willing to relocate for better opportunities; which makes targeting them according to their profession a little tricky.

Understanding Their Home Lives

The travel-centric common denominator in these studies also leads to some interesting insights into the home life of millennials. For instance, most of them prefer to rent as opposed to own houses, and are not looking to change that any time soon. They are comfortable with temporary apartment living, and often enough, communal housing situations. This points to an active and adventurous lifestyle that can be focused on in your digital marketing campaign, as opposed to concentrating on home comforts, security and stability; which might appeal more to the baby-boomers.

They Might Know More Than You

Every millennial (at the risk of generalising) takes pride in personal involvement in projects. Baby-boomers on the other hand, were more than happy to let the professionals make the decision for them. When doing business with your brand, you can be sure that the millennial you are dealing with, has done their research into your business, industry and processes; and will also likely expect a certain level of personal involvement when dealing with you. This means that you need to ensure you know what you are talking about, and at all times, without fail, you must be transparent to this generation that craves it.

Social Responsibility Counts for a Lot

We are living in an age where social-responsibility counts for a lot, but millennials have, by and by, come to expect this from companies, and are actively supporting those that are giving back to the community in one way or another. So get out there and get involved with the community. And whether you are doing it from the kindness of your heart or not, be sure to make charity part of your digital marketing campaign to impress this particularly empathetic audience.

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