Why Are Google Ads Important?

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Google Ads is a digital marketing platform operated and owned by Google . It is the largest digital marketing network in the world . Google Ads makes your marketing tasks much easier. There is no need for you to wait  for your new website to work its way organically up the rankings on Google. By using Google Ads , that is paid search ,you can see immediate results .


5 Benefits of Google Ads

 Google Ads works faster than Search Engine Optimisation

With Search Engine Optimisation you have to work your way up on the rankings organically , but with Google Ads you will see your results a lot faster  as it is a paid search .


Increase brand awareness

Google Ads , in addition to clicks , conversions and boosting traffic , is also a way for people to notice your brand .


Reach more customers through Gmail Inbox

Email marketing is the most used marketing strategy in every business .  Google integrated native Gmail ads with Google Ads in September 2015 and made it available to all advertisers . This means that you can reach more prospects through their Gmail Inbox.


Reconnect with visitors of your website

On Google Ads you can reconnect with your visitors that have previously visited your site but have not converted yet . Google Ads lets you create a remarketing list to optimise for conversions.


Measure your performance consistently

Google Ads tells you exactly what is happening with your campaign; who clicks on your ad, how many leads have been generated, how much it costs you per lead , which keywords generate the most traffic and leads, and how much traffic you get from Google Ads to your website .


Why should you be using Google Ads ?

Think of Google Ads as a small initial investment . You can define your budget , get a higher ROI ( return on investment ) , get more targeted traffic to your website  , test different marketing campaigns and get instant traffic. Right Click Media is a digital marketing agency and a certified Google Partner  that has many Google Ads specialists that can you help you grow your business through Google Ads Today .