While We Learn About Millennials, Let’s Not Forget the iGens.

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While We Learn About Millennials, Let’s Not Forget the iGens.

In recent years we have been learning all about the millennials, how they can’t afford houses, how much debt that they have, and of course how much they love avocado on toast. We are used to seeing article titles that identify millennial trends and habits or others that are placing blame on them for certain phenomena that is going on in the world, like killing retirement or killing restaurant chains. The millennials are disliked because of their different ideals to what their parents had in mind for them, but that has not stopped them from doing what they do best, being themselves.

The iGen

The next generation that the world needs to become aware of is the iGen. They are born between the mid-90s to the mid-2000s. They are the next large consumers that are about to flood the markets, and brands need to care about them, while of course not forgetting about the millennials. The iGen is the internet generation that have technology integrated into their lives. They are consuming media from a young age and they are living their lives focusing on multiple screens. They are soon going to be having some form of influence with their buying power. It is highly important that brands prepare themselves for a new generation, and new means of communication.

Why Are They So Important?

It is important that we learn from our mistakes with the previous generations, you cannot assume things about them. They need to be communicated with on their terms and in a way that resonates with them. This way you are avoiding a brand mishap and you will not be wasting your resources on misguided advertising. They will be entering into the world of work soon and they will be having a large financial pull within the consumer markets. And of course, their whole philosophy on life, is completely different to the millennials, and technology will be the centre of it all.

Their Ideologies

This generation is focused around the self, and how their external world works towards helping them meet their needs and wants. They are a generation concerned about the environment, and they value their privacy. They are constantly and actively working towards their personal brands. They are a group of people who are prepared to work and centre their lives around their work, while aiming to build memories with their loved ones. They are embracing local culture and they are looking for more worldly life experiences. They are looking for a life where they are enabled and understood for who they are, and they are not afraid to let brands into their lives.

Right Click Media

We should learn from the millennial mistakes, and not ignore or stereotype this generation from the get go. It is important that brands know how to talk to and with the different audiences and generations so that they can create meaningful and lasting relationships with all of their consumers. Thankfully, digital marketing agency Right Click Media is here to help you build those relationships in the digital space, perfect for the iGen, the millennial and anyone else.

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