The Power of YouTube Marketing for Specific Industries

Before we begin, I’d like to hit you with the stats that demonstrate YouTube’s audience percentage versus age, as generously provided by FortuneLord;

• 11% of YouTube’s audience is 18-24

• 23% are ages 25-34

• 26% are 35-44

• 16% are 45-54

• 8% are 50-64

• 3% are 65+

• 14% are undetermined

What does this mean? It means that every business and all industries should be utilising YouTube as part of their marketing strategy, if only for the diverse range of audiences that ads have the potential to reach. Remember that marketing on YouTube is demographically specific and allows advertisers to show content only to one’s relevant target market. If that isn’t enough to convince you, then let’s take a step back and get industry specific. 

Hospitality and Travel Industries

Logically, could there be a better way to get people excited about seeing different cultures, having new experiences, eating different foods and travelling other than, well, showing them? Video marketing has such an increased capacity for creating emotive and inspirational content. 

Think of the most inspirational scene you’ve watched on the Big Screen; chances are it was a combination of the visuals, storyline and an awesome backing track that hit you right in the feels. Video marketing has the potential to do the same.   

Law and Financial Industries

The biggest challenge when attempting to market industries of this nature is arguably trust and credibility due to the sensitive nature of the services that they provide. It can be difficult to successfully demonstrate the skills, attributes and expertise associated with niche industries. 

Due to its nature and the potential for repeated exposure, video marketing creates a space for the cultivation of credibility through association. Using this type of marketing to create business relationships that are built on transparency is a wise move. 

How to Market on YouTube

Effectively marketing on YouTube requires…wait for it…industry-specific knowledge and expertise around Youtube video setup. As such, campaigns designed for the YouTube platform have a greater chance of success if they have been professionally and creatively formulated. Contact the team at Right Click Media or visit their website for more information.