Social Media Marketing

Can social media marketing actually help my business?

Absolutely! It has been proven over and over again by many businesses. In fact, by not making use of social media marketing, you could be harming your business, as having an online presence on social media platforms is simply expected of any reputable business now days.


What are some of the benefits of social media marketing for my business?

Whether your business is making use of social media or not, it has forever changed the way that businesses communicate with consumers, and vice versa. By being accessible to your clients and possible clients through social media is a very important means of developing lasting relationships with them and also helping them through the sales funnel.


How should a business measure their social media marketing success?

When it comes to social media, your success can be measured using the same metrics used for any other type of marketing activity: leads, traffic and customers. By counting the number of followers, friends or fans that your business has, could help you understand your reach, but the most important part to determine your success is how many people it is driving to your website, how many of those people are actually good quality leads and lastly, how many of them become customers.


Which social media platforms should my business be using?

This is a difficult question, as you will need to have a presence wherever your customers are. Do some research on where your customers are, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn and follow them there.