Responsive Web Design

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Responsive website design is the most commonly used web approach. This approach makes use of CSS media queries in order to modify the presentation of a website based of the size of the device display. The number of responsive sites is increasing fast, from the Boston Globe to Disney to Indochino.
One of the biggest advantages of this approach is that the designers are able to use a single template for all types of devices, and just use CSS to determine how the content is rendered on the different screen sizes. Also, the designers are still able to work in HTML and CSS, technologies that they are already familiar with. Additionally, there is also a fast growing number of open-source, responsive-friendly toolkits that will assist in simplifying the responsive site building process.
The testing and design phase can be very fussy, as it may be difficult for you to customize the user experience for all possible devices or context. We’ve seen those responsive site layouts where it looks like a bunch of puzzle pieces that don’t always fit together. A responsive web design works best with a mobile-first approach, where the mobile use case will be prioritized during the development process. There are progressive enhancements that are then used to address desktop and tablet use cases.
The numbers are high because the responsive approach will cover all devices. Your user is only busy using one device, but they still have to wait for all of their resources and page elements in order to load before they can use it. So basically, performance is going to affect your bottom line. On a smartphone, the conversion rate drops by another 3.5% when your users have to wait just one second. When at the 3 second mark, 57% of users are going to have left your website completely.
While responsive design is very quickly becoming the de facto standard, it is also busy creating new challenges for online businesses, which includes how to optimize mobile performance, how to handle images and often means that websites need to be rebuilt from the ground up with a mobile first approach.
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