A Logo for a Legacy

The importance of pictures and symbols to summarize and represent tangible concepts have been relevant for mankind’s learning and associations for over forty thousand years; it’s exactly how cavemen told their stories and left legacies for centuries to come. A logo for your business tells the story of your company, the values it represents and the direction of its future through visual symbolism. 

A Logo for Sensory Response 

When you think of a company like Coca-Cola, you probably instantly see the red and white used in their logo and remember the taste and feeling of their product; perhaps even a fond memory associated with drinking a Coke springs into recollection. The experience, becomes an all-encompassing sensory one and a highly effective marketing tool largely inspired by their logo. 


A logo offers your company increased exposure in streamlined ways. For the sake of advertising space as well as effective delivery, a logo is far more useful for quick and easy exposure as opposed to lofty and lengthy descriptions that are not as visually engaging or stimulating as an image. In a society driven by instant gratification, instant solutions go a long way.

Becoming Iconic

The Coca-Cola logo is as iconic as the company and the products that it represents. How is this done? Through reliable delivery on products and services that lead to customer satisfaction. Without building the customer satisfaction to back it, a logo will remain an empty representation, or worse still, have negative associations with the brand it represents. 

Companies and their logos become iconic and create legacies largely due to engaging, simple and memorable logo design coupled with the positive associations that consumers are able to form around that logo.  

Longing for a Logo?   

If you’re building your brand and its reputation, having a logo to effectively represent everything that you are building is a step in the right direction. For professional graphic design services and a range of full service online advertising solutions contact the team at Right Click Media or visit their website for more information.