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2018 Digital Marketing Predictions

Right Click Media

Below are 7 predictions that have been made for digital marketing in 2018:

  1. Advancements in voice search

With 20% of searches already being about voice search, businesses will probably be considering this much more in their SEO strategies in 2018. With all of the major technology providers investing in virtual assistants, the AL technology is going to advance and become a fundamental part of users journeys with a brand.

  1. A rise in niche influencer marketing

Over the last few years there has been a clear rise in influencer marketing, especially on social media.

As new niche influencers emerge, there will probably be a drop in big celebs endorsing products , this includes the Z-list celebs, think love island.

  1. More and more companies investing in Live Chat

It’s quite obvious that live chat is going¬† to become an even bigger channel of communication. In 2017 we have seen a surge in B2B live chat interaction across many different clients. It’s also proven to be a high converting medium.

  1. Switching to a #nofilter community

Users seem to be getting tired of photoshopped and highly polished media. With our ever growing cynical audiences Рthanks fake news- brands are going to realise that authenticity is key.  Content will be much more genuine.

  1. Many more local inventory ads

The pickup of local inventory ads has been relatively small since their release in 2016. One would think that with such a shift in the local intent that more retailers would have jumped on this. The problem is, it’s quite tricky to identify the value of a LIA vs standard product ad.

  1. A better measurement of omnichannel

Lately this term is coming up more and more. With 75% of searchers on mobile devices visiting a store within 24 hours, the release of Project Beacon was not much of a surprise.

Google will hopefully be sharing some more details on how they are able to track store visits in 2018, so that businesses can understand how the attribution works.

  1. Understanding Micro moments

With most people in the world owning more than one device, and each person checking their phone more or less 100 times a day, these micro moments are important.

Decisions are made in micro moments, when checking your social media, emails or notifications.

We can’t really predict exactly what 2018 will bring but we are excited to see what the new trends, technology and tools will be.

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