Social Media Marketing for this Year and the Next

Social Media Marketing for this Year and the Next

There is no denying the important role that social media has come to play in society and business, which is why many companies and digital marketing agencies around the world have been investing a lot of time, money and effort into crafting the perfect social media campaigns for platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Though as users start to use these platforms differently, and the platforms themselves change, it is important for campaign managers to tack on to these trends in order to use them in amplifying their campaigns. So, to help you steer yours in the right direction, here are some trends on social media that have been developing all through 2017, and are not looking to slow down as the year draws to a close.

Snapchat is taking it further

Since its inception as a means to give users a voice an opinion, Snapchat has created more than one superstar out of a brand, and has been continually developed and changed to do so. Though they are working on another development which will be able to get your audience a front row seat and first person view of your events. The company has now renamed themselves as ‘Snap’, and are looking to develop hardware in the form of camera-glasses which give users a first-person experience of broadcasts. You don’t need to think too far out of the box to see the limitless potential for marketing applications this could have for you and your clients.

Tweeting out a swan song

Twitter has been on a decline for some time now, but this year it has been largely categorised by lethargy and disinterest. As their user-base falls sharply and steadily, it is becoming less and less of a suitable platform to reach your audience on. The novelty of bite-sized broadcasts has started to wear off, leaving behind an unrecognisable clutter of twits in its wake; and all the while users are tending towards more engaging and informative content that reads a lot less like spam. I wonder if we have Donald Trump to thank for that.

Getting your users on location

More and more users are looking for a way to experience events vicariously, and you can thank the invent of 360-degree cameras and videos for that. While taking advantage of publishing these types of videos does require investment in expensive hardware, it is proving to be an effective means of encouraging audience engagement. This means that by being more consistent with your real-time posting and live streams, as well as taking advantage of the abovementioned hardware, that you are making it easier and more enjoyable for your audience to feel as though they are a part of events as they develop.

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