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Location Based SEO: Reaching the Right Target Audience

Location Based SEO: Reaching the Right Target Audience

Digital Marketing isn’t always about reaching as many people as possible with a campaign, in fact, it rarely is. The smartest campaign managers know how to make the most out of their budget and efforts by carving out a campaign that seeks to target specific individuals who are more likely to be interested in the product, service or event that the campaign is advertising.

Location based targeting is one of the most powerful tools that a campaign manager can have, but why should you do this for your campaign, and how can you go about getting it right?

The advantages of location based SEO

Before we get started, lets discuss some of the advantages to location based SEO:

  • Generating leads and conversions through your website or mobile platform is all well and good, but how many of those leads are actually useful for your business? Target based SEO will allow you to attract only those which have a genuine interest in your product or service, and are within a proximal range to take advantage of it.
  • Much of your AdWords budget could be chewed up by targeting prospective clients which are outside of your ideal demographic or geographic location, which means that there are elements of your campaign which are costing you money, and not making it. Refining your keyword usage will ensure that your budget is going where it should.
  • Localised SEO campaigns allow you to take advantage of noteworthy events. Is there a particular festival happening at a location in your targeted area? Has a natural disaster struck somewhere nearby which has opened up a need for your product or service? Then localised SEO can help you to communicate with those who are likely to be close enough to require your business.

So how can you get it right?

Now that you can see the importance of localised SEO, the big question is, what is the best way to go about building a campaign that makes use of it:

  1. Check your keywords, they are the start of it all. Refining your keywords to contain local information will make your site stand out to users who are searching for products or services in a specific area. So, be sure to include city names or town names in your keywords to give you an advantage over your local competition while drawing in the right crowd.
  2. Paying attention to your social media campaign is a great way to localise your SEO efforts. Platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn allow you to target prospective clients by moulding your campaign around your or their location, making it easier to reach the right prospective.
  3. Enlisting in the services of an experienced digital marketing agency will ensure that localised SEO efforts are done correctly. Most agencies have an abundance of experience when it comes to localising SEO, and they may even have enough information available on your competitors’ campaigns to ensure that you get an advantage over them.

For more information on running your own campaign and ensuring that your localised SEO efforts are conducted with the best results, be sure to contact a consultant at Right Click Media today. Speak to us for more information, advice or for an estimate.



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