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Getting your Online Ads to the Right People

Getting your Online Ads to the Right People

Managing your own online marketing campaign can be a complicated affair, especially as far as your Google AdWords campaigns are concerned. You need to get the right message out to the right people who are in the right place, all of which needs to be done at the right price before you can consider your campaign a success.

So, to help you get this right with your campaign, here is a little bit of information surrounding what determines the quality, success and placement of an ad when it is shown on the Google Advertising Network.

The Placement of your Ads

Where your ads will be placed can have a major impact on their ability to generate high quality leads or to create brand awareness, and it is made up of many factors that you should carefully consider when planning the elements of your online campaign.

Here are a few of the places that your ad might appear:

  1. Alongside Search Results

Using the Google Search Network to match your chosen keywords with search queries posed by potential leads, you could fly a simple text based ad to customers who are searching for your product or service. This will display alongside their search results with a headline, description, a display URL or contact information.

  1. Display Ads

The Google Display Network allows you to fly ads that are interactive, made up of images, text and video to create brand awareness. These ads will be displayed on websites that are also a part of the display network, so long as their content is relevant to the ad you are flying. This means that your ad will be shown to an audience that is already showing an active interest in what you are advertising, raising the chances of converting them into leads.

  1. On Mobile Phones

Those campaigns that make use of the Search and Display Network can have their ads displayed on mobile websites and apps that are relevant to the posted ad. Since the number of people searching for products and services on their mobile devices is perpetually on the rise, many businesses are seeing advantages to displaying their ads on mobile devices.

  1. To very specific Audiences

One of the greatest challenges to any marketing campaign concerns ensuring that your message reaches the right audience. With the Google Advertising Network (specifically with regards to display) you have full control over who gets to see your ad by targeting specific demographics such as geographic location, age, browsing habits, race, gender and individual interests.

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Successfully managing your online campaign on the Google Advertising Network will not only generate more leads for your business, but will also ensure that they are of the highest quality. For more information on running an online campaign for your business, feel free to contact a team member from Right Click Media today.




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