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We have listings on new and used vehicles for sale, and list only the most reputable car service, part centres and car dealerships. We can assist you in finding the most popular cars for sale as well as the most cost effective insurance companies and finance companies all in one location.


Cover You, Your Spouse and Up To 7 Family Members for up to R99 pm.
Our benefits include:

  • All claims are paid out within 48 Hours.
  • You can customise your package with adding additional cover such as:
  • Beef catering for the funeral.
  • Transport for family members.
  • Additional casket benefits. No medical examinations are required.
  • We are underwritten by African Insurance Limited.
  • Let one of our skilled consultants call you with more information and to customise a package that suites your needs best.

Weather Woman

Weather Woman is an exciting new international weather reporting site that uses gorgeous models to display weather conditions. With Weather Woman, weather conditions are relayed by models who dress up (or down) according to the weather. Whether they are snuggled up in sexy winter wear when it’s cold or topless on scorching hot days, their girls will keep you smiling no matter what it’s like outside. This innovative style of weather forecasting is truly a fresh approach to the typically mundane world of meteorology.


Applord is a young and energetic company that specializes in the ever changing, fast growing world of application development. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, we will assist clients from beginning to end with a sophisticated, top of the range product in mind. We walk with you all the way to the successful launch of your application in relevant app-stores.
Our highly experienced team are more than capable of handling projects of any size.

RCM School Of Excellence

The RCM School of Excellence is a digital marketing college aimed at enriching the minds of individuals.
We offer full time courses in all areas of the online world from Monday to Thursday.
RCM School of Excellence is a Google Partner and is SETA accredited.
Graduates of the RCM School of Excellence will be awarded with a certificate of completion, an NQF level 4 SETA accreditation as well as Google accreditation for students who have completed the comprehensive or digital marketing course. Above all, students will gain practical knowledge and gain valuable information from industry leaders.

School of Excellence

MFJ Loans

MFJ Loans, through our highly skilled product development team and skilled technical implementation, is the market leader in online procurement and finance solutions.
Our operating model ensures appropriate, quick and efficient responses to market requirements.
MFJ Loans offers quick loans online and a point of sale loan application solution that can be used by all retailers and service providers.
Our clients include both physical store and online store solutions.



Certified Google Partner